10 Best Medical Courses after 12th without NEET (2023) High Salary Career Options without NEET

Top 10 Medical Courses after 12th without NEET in India

By Arushi Trivedi on 2 Jul 2022
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NEET is now a prerequisite in order to become a doctor and start a career in Medicine, it is a qualifying exam for admission in courses such as MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BVsc, etc. after the completion of these courses a person becomes a doctor, but Doctors or nurses are not the only professions when it comes to Healthcare. Medical courses such as Pharmacy, Nursing, Paramedical courses, Agriculture, Psychology are a few courses that are the best medical courses without NEET being a stressful constraint.

A person can pursue these courses and go on to become Psychologists, Pharmacists, Technicians, General Duty Assistants, and Hospital administrators, etc. as these are one of the high salary options in the medical field without NEET.

These professions are well suited for individuals looking for a career in healthcare which provides them perks and benefits of working in a healthcare setting with a decent pay.

The level of competition is increasing every year and with exams like NEET where the qualifying percentage of students is only 50% so what happens to the rest 50% who also prepared for the exam with the same enthusiasm – they lose hope, most of the chunk starts preparing for the exam again, taking a drop year while others enroll for backup options, but when decisions are taken hastily people tend to make a mistake and when the question here is about one’s career – thinking it through is what is the most important thing. So here we save you all the hassle as we provide you a list of medical courses without NEET or Medical courses without NEET Exam.

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Medical Courses after 12th Without NEET Highlights

Course NameMedical Courses
Course Duration3 to 5 Years
Course LevelBachelor Level
Eligibility Criteria12th Pass with Minimum 45%

Medical Courses List Without NEET

There are various medical courses that one can pursue after 12th without having to appear for NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test), which is the entrance examination for medical courses in India. Some of these courses are:

1. Bachelors in Pharmacy


The most common course in the Pharmacy domain is B. Pharma. This course is well suited for students looking for careers related to various medicines, drug testing, medicine dosage, etc. These individuals become pharmacists after the completion of the course. It can be pursued by students right after class 12th and it does not require any medical entrance exam like NEET for the admission, although few colleges might have their own entrance examinations for their admission process.

CourseB. Pharma
Duration4 years
Regulation BodyPharmacy Council of India (PCI)
Eligibility12th boards with 50% aggregate in PCM/B
Average fee40,000 – 1,00,000
Average Salary2,00,000 – 5,00,000 p.a
Higher EducationM.Pharma, MBA, PG Diploma
Job profilesPharmacist, Drug inspector, wholesaler, Quality Assurance Associate, Chemical Technician

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2. Bachelors in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a field that merges traditional biology with technically advanced tools and softwares to produce products and processes that aid in the medical field to treat various diseases or to research for the improvement in the current processes. Subjects such as Molecular Biology, genetics, Microbiology, etc. are taught under this course.

Students who are passionate about improving the quality of people’s lives through research, then this field is definitely the right fit.

CourseB.Tech / B.Sc
Duration4 years/ 3 years
Regulation BodyBiotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI)
Eligibility10+2, with Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Mathematics
Average fee30,000 – 5,00,000
Average Salary3,00,000 – 9,00,000 p.a
Higher EducationMS, M.Tech, MBA
Job profilesR&D, Clinical Researcher,Chief Scientific Officer, Research Analyst, Medical writing executive

3. Bachelors in Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is very similar to biotechnology except it includes more tools and software related subjects such as languages – Pearl, C++, Java, Python, etc along with traditional subjects such as Genetics, Cell biology, etc. Bioinformatics requires the collection and management of data in the form of genetic codes.

One can either pursue BSc or B.Tech degree and can later either go on to pursue higher studies and go for research work or simply join a job right after bachelors. Nevertheless the courses does not require NEET.

CourseB.Tech / B.Sc
Duration4 years/ 3 years
Regulation BodyUniversity Grants Commission (UGC)
Eligibility10+2, with Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Mathematics
Average fee30,000 – 5,00,000
Average Salary3,00,000 – 8,00,000 p.a
Higher EducationMS, M.Tech, MBA
Job profilesBio-Analyst, Bioinformatics Programmer & Analyst

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4. Bachelors in Psychology

Psychology is good for students interested in studying human mind and behavior. The course includes helping people improve their lives, promoting health, serving communities, and understanding the world. Psychology helps in the understanding of human behavior along with different forms of mental health issues. Students get to study theory along with practicals i.e. case studies on trauma, mental disorders, addiction, child development, and current therapy methods,etc.Hence it is good for students who want to practice as a psychologist, this does require higher education apart from the bachelor’s degree. Hence people often prefer going for PhD to practice as a professional psychologist or therapist.

CourseB.A / B.Sc
Duration3 years
Regulation BodyUniversity Grants Commission (UGC)
Eligibility10+2 from a recognized board
Average fee30,000 – 4,00,000
Average Salary2,00,000 – 4,50,000 p.a
Higher EducationM.A, M.Sc
Job profilesAdvertising agents, Career counselor,Case manager ,Child care worker

5. Bachelors in Vocational Training (B.Voc) in Paramedical Science

Paramedical courses are pursued by individuals who aid and support doctors and nurses during the treatment of patients. B.Voc is a good paramedical course without NEET. They deal with hospital emergencies, patient samples, and assist during operations or other treatments in the hospitals

Health care is one of the fastest growing fields which requires trained professionals to take care of the patients and their procedures. Paramedics are thus provided Vocational training in specialized sectors to perform their job. This includes Operation theatre technicians, Medical Lab Technician, etc. Bachelor in Vocational training involves a skill based course, which after completion provides the student with a growing career opportunity and a decent pay.

Duration3 years
Regulation BodyUniversity Grants Commission (UGC)
Eligibility10+2 from a recognized board (any stream)
Average fee30,000 – 4,00,000
Average Salary2,00,000 – 3,50,000 p.a
Higher EducationVirohan Institute of Health and Management Sciences
Job profilesM.Voc, M.Sc

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6. Bachelors in Veterinary Science

Veterinary courses can be opted by students who are good with animals and want to make the world a better place by helping these pure souls who cannot express their pain or grief in words. Students become Veterinary doctors after pursuing this course. While a few colleges do consider NEET score, other colleges do not require NEET as an eligibility criteria. Students can excel in this field if they have compassion towards animals and are fascinated by them. They should be able to understand what is causing the problem by analyzing patient conditions and symptoms.

Duration5 years
Regulation BodyUniversity Grants Commission (UGC)
Eligibility10+2 from a recognized board with PCB
Average fee1,00,000 – 2,00,000
Average Salary4,00,000 – 6,00,000 p.a
Higher EducationM.VSc
Job profilesVeterinary doctor, Veterinary officer, Veterinary surgeon, Animal breeders, Veterinary research assistant, Social worker

7. Bacheors in Agriculture

Bachelors in Agriculture is a course that can be pursued by students after class 12th, if they are interested in plants and crops and how to improve the current conditions of our farming. The course focuses on research and practices in agricultural science,which deals with fields such as, Genetics, Plant Breeding, Agricultural Microbiology, Soil Science, Plant Pathology, etc. The course helps students learn about the modern agricultural techniques and technologies and then implement them in the real-world scenario.

Duration4 years
Regulation BodyUniversity Grants Commission (UGC)
Eligibility10+2 from a recognized board with PCB
Average fee2,00,000 – 3,00,000
Average Salary4,00,000 – 6,00,000 p.a
Higher EducationM.Sc, MBA, PGDM
Job profilesAgricultural Research Scientist, Agriculture Officer, Agriculture Development Officers, Agriculturists, Assistant Plantation Manager

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8. Bachelor in Nursing


Students who want to work in a hospital setting and are good with handling patients can pursue this course. The course comes with an added responsibility of taking care of the patient along with their family and the community to make the recovery process easy. Students can pursue this course right after 12th and start working after bachelors.

Duration4 years
Regulation BodyUniversity Grants Commission (UGC)
Eligibility10+2 from a recognized board
Average fee20,000 – 3,00,000
Average Salary2,00,000 – 3,00,000 p.a
Higher EducationM.Sc
Job profilesStaff Nurse, Registered Nurse (RN), Nurse Educator, Medical Coder

9. Bachelors in Food Technology

This course is good for students who want to pursue a career related to food and food products, it includes quality testing as well as maintaining the food quality and improving the process of transportation, storage and processing of food. The students after the completion of this course can also work in the Government sector such as,  The Food Corporation of India (FCI), Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Ministry of Food Processing Industries etc. Many private sector employers also look for qualified workforce when it comes to the handling of their product.

CourseB.Tech / B.Sc
Duration4 years/ 3 years
Regulation BodyUniversity Grants Commission (UGC)
Eligibility10+2, with Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Mathematics
Average fee50,000 – 3,00,000
Average Salary2,00,000 – 6,00,000 p.a
Higher EducationM.Sc, M.Tech
Job profilesFood Technologist, Technical Brewer, Production Manager, Food Engineer, Food Storage Manager

10. Bachelors in Nutrition

The course entails nutrition and dietetics of the food we eat. The person after doing the course can learn all about the food and its nutritional value. They can prepare diet charts according to the suited values of the body’s requirement.

Students after pursuing this course can become

Duration3 years
Regulation BodyUniversity Grants Commission (UGC)
Eligibility10+2, with Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Mathematics
Average fee1,50,000 – 2,50,000
Average Salary2,00,000 – 4,00,000 p.a
Higher EducationM.Sc
Job profilesNutritionist/ Dietitian, Food processing consultant, Health promotion Specialist, Nutrition Specialist

Sometimes students struggle with embracing where they are in life, if an exam result goes south. They planned their whole life ahead of them based on that one exam, and not clearing it certainly makes one lose hope, but consider that as a reality check maybe you’re built for better things in life. Everyone has some kind of talent, a skill, something they are passionate about. Take this time to explore that and find the right course that suits you. The reality of life is dreams don’t come true easily, you have to give it time to develop, prepare for it and wait for the right moment.

High Salary Career Options in Medical Without NEET

The medical field offers a wide range of high salary career options for individuals who have completed 12th standard and are looking to pursue medical courses without appearing for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). These careers provide the opportunity to make a difference in people's lives while earning a competitive salary. Some of the high salary career options in medical field without NEET include BSc clinical research, BSc audiology, bachelor of pharmacy, BSc forensic science and many more. These medical courses after 12th without NEET provide a promising future with the potential for a high salary and the satisfaction of helping others.

BSc Clinical ResearchINR 1.8 Lakh to INR 6.8 LPA
BSc Audiology – Speech & Language TherapyINR 4 Lakhs to INR 7 LPA
Bachelor of PharmacyINR 2 Lakh to INR 5 LPA
BSc Clinical PsychologistINR 8 Lakhs
BSc Forensic ScienceINR 10 Lakhs
BSc OptometryINR 5.8 Lakhs
Nuclear MedicineINR 65.36 Lakhs

Every student has the capability of doing anything and everything, all they need is the right method to study, hence at Virohan we follow a blended learning approach to teach our students which includes content delivery with the help of our MyCareer app, this enhances the learning experience of every student, apart from that every student is provided a hands on internship experience in renowned hospitals to make the student job-ready.

We also provide professional classes for English language and soft skills which are required in their jobs and help them in making their professional career.

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To sum up, you don't have to rely solely on the NEET exam to build a medical career in India. There are many other options for medical courses after the 12th grade that you can explore. These courses cover a wide range of healthcare fields where you can excel and make a difference. You don't have to be limited to just becoming a doctor or dentist.

The healthcare sector has expanded, and it needs experts in different areas like medical technology, research, and management. You can choose courses related to things like medical imaging, lab technology, or even managing healthcare facilities. These roles are equally important in taking care of people's health.

Even though becoming a doctor might seem like the main goal, there are various paths to contribute to healthcare. You can be a skilled technician, a caring helper, or a leader who solves medical challenges. The field is open to those who are passionate, determined, and make well-informed choices.

So, if you're thinking about your options after the 12th grade and want to work in healthcare without taking the NEET route, remember that there are many doors open for you. You can find a fulfilling and meaningful career that helps people and the community.

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