Short Term Courses in Medical Field (2023) Short Term Diploma Courses in Medical

Short Term Courses in Medical Field

By Arushi Trivedi on 25 Aug 2022
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Short Term Courses in Medical Field

Medical as a field is very commonly chosen by students after class 12th simply because it offers job security, respectable job profile and a decent pay – but the only drawback with most of the commonly chosen courses such as MBBS and Nursing is that their course duration is very long. So we are here to help you build your career in the medical field without going through the long hours of lectures and a lot many years of degree. This blog provides a list of options a student can opt for that are short term courses in medical field. These courses are market aligned with what recruiters look for in an employee hence are job ready courses and their course duration is less than one year. The courses can be chosen by any 12th-pass student who wants to build his/her career in healthcare and is looking for short-term courses in healthcare. There can be two types of short-term courses:

Certificate Course

The best option when it comes to pursuing a short term course is a certificate course, certificate course can be done in many specializations such as, Hospital Administration, Phlebotomy Assistance, General Duty Assistance, Medical Lab Technicians, etc. and their duration varies from 6 -8 months depending on the type of institute and course structure.

Certificate courses are best for students looking for jobs immediately after class 12th or professionals who want to improve their CV by opting for various short term certificate courses. Some students opt for short term medical courses after graduation in order to enhance their knowledge.

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Short Term Course Information

Duration6-8 months10-12 months
Credit bearing (Can be used as a milestone for higher education)YesYes
Online ModeYesNo
Offline ModeYesYes
Pay scaleLessMore

1. Medical Laboratory Assistant

Medical Laboratory Assistants are mostly placed at individual clinical laboratories, hospitals and private labs. The work includes working with the test samples and specimens, studying them and reporting them to help the surgeons and doctors. Medical Lab Assistant certificate course is a short term course in order to start working in a laboratory.

  • Course Duration: 6-8 months 
  • Course Fee: 30,000 – 45,000

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2. Nursing Assistant

Nursing Assistants – as the name suggests, are assistants to nurses and their job role includes Managing equipment and accessories in patient rooms, recording patients’ body details (beat, weight, circulatory strain, etc) , administering medications, and so on.

The course requires an acquired skill set and hence can be completed via a certificate course.

  • Course Duration: 6-8 months 
  • Course Fee: 15,000 – 25,000

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3. ECG Assistant

This is a specialized course which is done in order to train the technician how to use machines like electrocardiograms to monitor the cardiac rhythm of a patient and measure their heart rate.

In order to pursue this course the student must have passed class 12th with 50% or more aggregate in the science stream. ECG Assistant certificate course is of a comparatively longer duration as it is a skill based technical course. After the completion of this course the student can start working at health care centers, hospitals, diagnostic labs, medical clinics, etc.

  • Course Duration: 12 months 
  • Course Fee: 15,000 – 30,000

4. Medical Laboratory Technician

Medical Laboratory Technicians perform basic tasks such as :Collecting blood and body fluid samples, Performing lab tests on samples, result analyses, quality control of samples, Operating lab equipment, such as microscopes, etc. Medical laboratory technician course can be pursued as a short term certification course at Virohan

  • Course duration: 6 months  
  • Course fee: 35,000

5. Operation Theatre Technician

Operation theatre technicians ensure that the operating room is clean and sterilized- before, during, after the medical procedure. They additionally help during the surgery under the guidance of nurses, surgeons and anesthesiologists.

This is a short term skill based course which can be pursued at Virohan with 2 months of internship within the course duration.

  • Course Duration: 6 months 
  • Course Fee: 35,000

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Diploma Courses:

The other popular short term course is a diploma course that can be pursued by students who choose skill based courses or short duration courses that lead to a good job opportunity. A diploma course is usually of 10-12 months duration and can be pursued right after class 12th or graduation. After the completion of a diploma course one can either start working as a professional in the field or can start doing internships which later lead to permanent employment. Most of the recruiters prefer diploma over certificate courses as they are more comprehensive and include a detailed understanding of the subject and related fields.

Sometimes diploma courses are done for profile building in the professional outlook as well. Here we have provided the list of short term diploma courses in medical:

1. Medical Laboratory Technician:

DMLT as a course is the most popular course in the medical field. Medical Lab Technicians are one of the highest paid paramedics and the demand for the job is very high.

MLT’S play an important role in the effective diagnosis and treatment of patients by collecting blood and fluid samples and performing tests to help diagnose the proper disease in a patient.

In order to become a Medical lab technician a student can do both – certificate and diploma.

Diploma in Medical Lab Technician:

  • Course Duration: 1 year 
  • Course Fee: 70,000 – 1,00,000

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2. Operation Theatre Technician:

Operation Theatre Technician majorly work in a hospital setting, in close association of a surgeon and nurses. OT Technicians are involved in patient handling, equipment maintenance and sterilization requirements of the Operation Theatre or Operating Room. In order to become an OT Technician one can either pursue a certificate or Diploma course. The two programs have different types of approach – where certification only provides a specialization in a specific domain, a diploma provides a core subject knowledge and skill based learning. Generally students opt for a diploma course as it includes internships within the course duration sometimes and other times internship post the completion of the course which provides a proper training to the working professionals.

Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician:

  • Course Duration: 1 year  
  • Course Fee: 70,000 – 1,00,000

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3. Medical Content Writing:

Medical content writing requires a combination of good content and technical knowledge – This course is pursued by students who have a skill set for writing and also know about the basic Medical terminology used in the healthcare setting. Medical content writing as a course can be pursued as a diploma course and it has multiple growth opportunities as there are many requirements for medical writers.

Diploma in Medical Content Writing

  • Course Duration: 1 year 
  • Course Fee: 80,000 – 1,00,000

4. Hospital Administration:

Hospital Administrators are involved in planning, human resource management, taking care of the staff, public relations, and accounting in the medical facility.

Overall hospital administrators make sure that the facility is run smoothly.

Hospital Administration is available in degree, diploma and certificate programs and a few institutions such as Virohan also provide hands-on training experience through paid internships within the course duration.

Diploma in Hospital Administration

  • Course Duration: 1 year 
  • Course Fee: 77,000 – 1,00,000

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5. Radiology Technician:

Radiography deals with operating radio imaging machines (X-ray) and analyzing and interpreting results in a proper manner. Radiology technologists help in the diagnosis result analyses by the creation of images using medical imaging instruments and machines such as X-ray, Ultrasound etc. The job responsibilities of RA’s also include preparing patients by explaining each step of the process. They also cater to the anxieties of patients who might be concerned about the procedure.

The diploma course includes internships within the course duration in some institutions such as Virohan to make it easy for students to get hands-on experience.

Diploma in Radiology Technician

  • Course Duration: 1 year 
  • Course Fee: 77,000 – 1,00,000

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