Hospital Administration: Course, Eligibility, Job and Salary

Hospital Administration: Course, Eligibility, Job and Salary

By Arushi Trivedi on 7 Jul 2022
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What is Hospital Administration

Hospital administration is a process by which skilled men/women help organize and oversee the daily activities of a healthcare facility. Their role includes managing the staff, and overall activities of a healthcare institution. Hospital Administrators are involved in planning, human resource management, staffing, public relations, and accounting in relation to the medical facility.

Overall they make sure the facility is run smoothly.

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Hospital Administration Course Information

DHA Full FormDiploma in Hospital administration
HA Course LevelCertificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma
HA Course Duration0ne-Two Year
HA Course EligibilityPassed 10+2 with any subject, minimum of 50% marks
HA Course Average SalaryRs 30,000 to Rs 40,000
HA Course Top Recruiting FieldsPrivate Hospitals, Academic Institute or Colleges, Pathology Labs, Medical Content Writing, Military Services, and Most Important Government Jobs
Ways Of Doing CourseOnline, Offline with Blended Learning

Who are Hospital Administrators

The human resources, law and order and financial aspects of a hospital are planned, directed and coordinated by a specific workforce. These are a group of individuals who have specialised in hospital administration and management sciences.

They collaborate with other professionals such as doctors, paramedical staff and nurses. Their duties include:

  • Restocking and replenishing the materials (consumables) to meet daily requirements.
  •  Assigning responsibilities to regulate the activities and services of the staff. 
  • Ensuring that the patients do not face any unwanted problems as a result of mismanagement, inefficiency or maladministration during their stay at the hospital.

Role of Hospital Administrator

On completing a degree or Diploma in HA, you are skilled to ensure the smooth functioning of various departments and thus managing the hospital wholly. Your duties would include:

  • Coordination:
  1. Organising the activities and personnel involved in the healthcare system.
  2.  Synchronising departments such as OPD, radiology, medical laboratory, surgery etc.
  3.  This assures fluidic functioning and ease for patients availing services.
  • Cooperation:
  1. Serving as a linkage between the facility staff, doctors, management and patients.
  2.  Maintaining interdepartmental communication.
  • Human resource management:
  1. Managing the hiring, training, and evaluation of human resources.
  • Record management:
  1. Overseeing the collection, storage and use of both patient and facility data.
  • Planning:
  1. Directing and designing the organization’s strategies.
  • Law and order policing:
  1. Ensuring compliance with governmental policies.
  • Innovating:
  1. Developing new policies and procedures for improved patient care.
  • Budgeting:
  1. Designing budgets and establishing prices for services provided.
  • Finance and business management:
  1. Streamlining both financial and business practices.

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Hospital Administration Scope

They are indispensable to the healthcare system. The need for superior healthcare facilities is increasing. As our population grows and the number of healthcare issues increases, new work opportunities are arising.

As the number of employees in a hospital increases, more healthcare administrators will be needed to manage their workload.

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Hospital Management Course

Hospital administration course is designed such that it helps the student attain the necessary skills and technical knowledge required to become a Hospital Administrator. The most important skill for an HA is communication skills, thus the course mandatorily includes concepts that enhance the communication skills of a student. Some colleges have specific classes devoted only for English language and Power skills training such as Virohan, where a blended learning method is involved in imparting soft skills. Apart from that medical terminology, Statistics, Hospital related law, Principles of management, Clinical administrative and supportive services and Management information system, etc. are a few technical courses that are covered in this course.

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Hospital Administration Course Fee

Hospital Administration course fee is different for different institutions and programs here is a list of a range of fee structures:

CoursesDurationCourse Fees
Diploma1 Years70,000 – 1,00,000
Advanced Diploma2 Years1,00,000 – 2,00,000
Graduation3 Years1,00,000 – 4,00,000

Hospital Administration Course After 12th

Hospital Administration courses can be pursued after completion of class 12th, some institutions however also allow the students to pursue the course after class 10th.

Many students opt for various Hospital Administration courses to pursue a full-fledged career in the field.

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Job Opportunities After Hospital Administrators Course

Hospital admins, unlike as the name implies, do not necessarily work in hospitals. They can also work in:

  • Clinical departments 
  • Public health agencies 
  •  Government health services 
  • Educational institutions
  •  Health insurance companies 
  • Mental health facilities 
  • International healthcare organizations
  •  Rehabilitation centres 
  • Private nursing homes

Applicants may apply for any of the following job profiles:

  • Front desk coordinator 
  • Patient relation manager 
  • Receptionist 
  • Floor incharge 
  • Superintendent 
  • Hospital administrators

Government Job for HA

There is a continuous growth of the health sector and an increasing emphasis on patient care and satisfaction. Improved medical facilities and awareness among the population has led to demand for professionals who can effectively manage a hospital.

Government Healthcare Management Jobs are expected to grow by as much as 17% by 2024.

Some of the government profiles you can apply for are a health systems administrator, medical record administrator, front desk coordinator etc.

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How to Become a Hospital Administrator

You can choose a program that best suits your interests.

  • Online certificate and diploma courses in hospital management are 4 and 7 month long programs respectively for already working professionals at Virohan. 
  • Certificate/ Diploma/ Advanced Diploma in Hospital Administration also known as CHA/ DHA/ ADHA which are 6 months, 1 and 2 year long programs respectively.
  •   Bachelor of Hospital Administration or BHA is usually a 3 year program. 
  • If you are not certified but you are a working professional then you also can do the Online Hospital Administration Course. This will help you in your carrer growth.

Hospital administration Course Eligibility

There are a few hospital administration courses where the eligibility criteria for the admission process are almost common for degree and diploma courses:

  • The student must have passed Class 12th from a recognised board. 
  • The student must have scored 50% or above in the 12th class board exams.
  •  For the online programs for working professionals, candidates should have 3 months of work experience for the certificate program and 6 months of work experience for the diploma program.

Hospital Administration Admission

Admission into the Hospital Administration course involves basic steps that start from visiting the website of the institution you would like to take admission into, after visiting the website you can either submit the registration form, or simply contact the institution and for their assistance when enrolling.

Here are a few simple steps you can follow:

  • Visit the official website of the institution
  •  Go to the admission section or click on the ‘Registration’ tab 
  • Register yourself by filling out your details 
  • Pay the registration fee online 
  • And submit your application for review

Admission Process at Virohan:

At Virohan we follow various different platforms for enrollment

  • Through the official website by filling out the registration form
  • Speak to our career counsellors (at 7827276767)  to schedule a Walk-in at your nearest campus
  • Download ‘MyCareer’ app from playstore/ appstore and enroll

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Skills Required to become Hospital Administration

Some skills involved in becoming a healthcare administrator are:

  • Technical skills- acquired by formal training or education
  •  Leadership and teamwork- setting examples of positivity, mentorship, and professionalism, and developing others in the team 
  • Critical thinking- sharp problem solving and logical planning skills, this attribute can help minimize damage in an unpleasant situation
  •  Communication skills- understanding patient problems and communicating various policies to employees 
  • Adaptability and organizational ability- organizing working of the hospital wholly and also smooth inter and intradepartmental working
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Hospital Administrators Salary

  • At the trainee level hospital administrator salary can be somewhere between Rs.10,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month. 
  •  A well experienced and skilled person can earn more.  
  • The government is the model employer that offers salaries between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month.  
  • The salary for hospital admins also varies based on the level of education i.e. CHA/DHA/ADHA/BHA courses. 
  • With increasing experience, the salary and benefits increase dramatically.  
  • Many employers offer healthcare benefits and other allowances to their employees.

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HA Course Syllabus

The course curriculum is so devised that the students are entirely transformed into responsible professionals at the end of the course. To achieve this, the basic subjects in the course curriculum are:

  • Healthcare delivery system
  •  Medical terminology 
  • Hospital and Health system (History and Evolution) 
  • Hospital organizational structure 
  • Hospital operation management 
  • Principles of management 
  • Clinical administrative and supportive services
  •  Management information system 
  • Functional hospital organization 
  • Billing and insurance 
  • Statistics Patient communication
  • Hospital related law

These are the core subjects that one has to study. A more advanced and in-depth study of these subjects with a focus on specific and individual aspects are studied in the advanced diploma and bachelors courses.

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Advantages of Hospital Administration Course at Virohan

  • Blended learning approach used for content delivery
  • Attractive internship opportunities with hands-on training at Top hospitals
  • English language and Power Skills training 
  • 100% Placement support 
  • Content available and accessible 24 x 7 via MyCareer app
  • Diploma and Advanced Diploma options available at affordable fee
  • No cost EMI available

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