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Clinical Psychology: Course, Eligibility, Duration and Syllabus

By Daksh kapoor on 1 Jan 2023
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Clinical psychologists help people with psychological issues and enhance their quality of life. While this makes this profession incredibly noble and rewarding. The branch of psychology is becoming more popular and significant. This field provides a decent salary, career options in India and abroad, and professional satisfaction.

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What is Clinical Psychology all about

The study of psychological, cognitive, and psychological issues is the focus of clinical psychology. The common conditions that clinical psychologists can address include learning disabilities, alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illnesses, sleeplessness, and depression. In addition, a clinical psychologist works with clients to determine their behavioral, mental, psychological, and emotional concerns and issues.

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What do Clinical Psychology Students Do

A clinical psychology student is taught and trained in various subjects related to the human mind, behavior, emotion, and their impact on his well-being. In addition, they are taught to conduct outpatient assessments and treatments to identify and treat psychological problems, which may be brought on by the patient's mental condition or by the circumstances and environments they have been exposed to. As a clinical psychology student, you will be trained to conduct patient interviews, assessments, give diagnostic tests, and deliver psychotherapy.

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Clinical Psychology Course Duration

Course duration for clinical psychology varies in different courses.

Types of CourseDuration
Certification in Clinical Psychology6 months to 1 year
Diploma in Clinical Psychology2 years
Bachelors in Clinical Psychology3-4 years
Masters in Clinical Psychology3 years
Ph. D in Clinical Psychology4-5 years

Clinical Psychology Course Fees

The fee structure for clinical psychology depends on variables such as private or government colleges, the type of course you choose, and the university or organisation committee that finalises the fee structure.

Types of CourseFees in INR
Certification in Clinical PsychologyINR 2,000-30,000
Diploma in Clinical PsychologyINR 5,000-30,000
Bachelors in Clinical PsychologyINR 5,000-2,00,000
Masters in Clinical PsychologyINR 10,000-3,00,000
Ph. D in Clinical PsychologyINR 30,000- 4,75,000

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Admission in Clinical Psychology Course

The admissions process for a clinical psychology certificate is not as well organised as it is for bachelor's and master's courses. However, enrollment in online certificate courses is as simple as filling out an application on the provider's website.

Admission to diploma courses is determined by merit. Once all applicants have submitted their applications, the concerned college releases the cut-off list.

For admission in bachelor's and master's courses in clinical psychology, the entrance test results are considered. These entrance tests are conducted at the national, state, or university levels.

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Clinical Psychology Course Eligibility Criteria

This section covers the eligibility criteria for clinical psychology. The following list includes the prerequisites for undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate programs.

Eligibility criteria for diploma and graduation in clinical psychology

  • The student should have scored at least a 50% in their 10+2 from a recognised Indian board with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as the three primary disciplines.

Eligibility criteria for masters in clinical psychology

  • The aspiring candidate should complete a valid degree in any health science branch from an accredited university.

Eligibility criteria for Ph. D in clinical psychology

  • The candidate must have passed a PG degree with Psychology as a major subject.

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Clinical Psychology Course Structure and Curriculum

Human behaviour and the mind are studied in psychology courses. Additionally, it explores how the human mind responds to various circumstances.    
The clinical psychology course, structure, and syllabus varies depending on the chosen course; major subjects studied in Clinical Psychology courses at various colleges and institutions are listed in the list below.

  • Cognitive psychology
  • Psychopathology
  • Psychometrics
  • Statistics and research methods
  • Social psychology
  • Psychology of personality
  • Counseling psychology
  • Forensic and criminal psychology
  • Rehabilitation psychology
  • Human development
  • Social psychology
  • Applied social psychology
  • Biological basis of behavior

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Clinical Psychology Course Salary and Perks

Clinical psychologists diagnose and deal with patients who have psychological issues. While some clinical psychologists specialise in a particular population, such as children, the elderly, or those with a certain condition, others deal with specialized branches. The job profile and the applicant's experience in the resume will determine the remuneration provided. A fresher in the field can expect an average income of about Rs. 34,000.

The table below gives the average salary of a clinical psychologist.

ProfessionAnnual Salary in INR
Psychiatristsupto 11 lakhs
Counsellorsupto 6 lakhs
Clinical psychologistsupto 4 lakhs

The table provides an average pay scale for various courses in clinical psychology.

CourseAnnual Salary
Certificate2 lakhs
Diploma3-4 lakhs
Undergraduate2-4 lakhs
Post graduateUpto 8 lakhs
DoctorateUpto 10 lakhs

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Job Opportunities for Clinical Psychology

Organisations like hospitals, schools, corporate organisations, and NGOs hire professionals in clinical psychology. They can work as social workers, salespeople, recruiters, teachers, clinical psychologists, etc. Some of the job roles for clinical psychologists are

  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Psychotherapist
  • Teachers in Clinical Psychology 
  • Forensic Psychologists
  • Child Psychologists

Candidates with a clinical psychology degree will have a variety of options. Jobs are accessible not only in the healthcare industry but also in other creative industries. The following list of career paths for graduates in clinical psychology includes:

  • Rehabilitation centres.
  • Psychological research organisations
  • Forensics department
  • Development of prevention programs.
  • Advertising industry

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