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Medical Lab Technician: Course, Eligibility, Job & Salary

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Who are MLTs?

The full form of MLT is Medical Laboratory Technician. They constitute a group of professionals specialized in medical laboratory sciences.

Some of the other personnel in this collective category are radiography technicians, ot technicians, anaesthesia technicians and so on.

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MLT Course Details

The MLT (Medical Laboratory Technician) course is a highly specialized and rewarding career option after 12th in the healthcare industry. The duration of the course is typically 1 to  2 years. Upon completion, MLT professionals can expect a competitive salary with room for growth, depending on experience and location.

MLT Full FormMedical Laboratory Technology
MLT Course LevelCertificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma
MLT Course Duration0ne-Two Year
MLT Course QualificationPassed 10+2 with any subject, minimum of 50% marks
MLT Course Average SalaryRs 30,000 to Rs 40,000
MLT Course Top Recruiting FieldsPrivate Hospitals, Academic Institute or Colleges, Pathology Labs, Medical Content Writing, Military Services, and Most Important Government Jobs
Ways Of Doing MLT CourseOnline, Offline with Blended Learning
Admission CriteriaWithout NEET

What is Medical Laboratory Technology?

  • It is a branch of paramedical science. 
  • Medical lab technology deals with biochemical, pathological, and microscopic examination of cells, tissues, and fluids of the body. 
  • It imparts skills to learners to aid physicians to devise a treatment plan. 
  • Today 70% of medical diagnosis is carried out in laboratories by the MLT course qualified technologists/ technicians.

Today 70% of medical diagnosis is carried out in the laboratories by the medical technologists. The advances in the field are dramatic.

Who can Take up the Medical Lab Technology Course?

  • Candidates who aspire to be a part of the healthcare industry can take up a lab technician course. 
  • Being a doctor is not the only role you can play in the healthcare sector. 
  • Candidates looking to explore other ways to contribute to the healthcare sector and people’s wellbeing can take this course. 
  • It is a perfect course to take up to give back to the community.

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What Does a Medical Laboratory Technician Do?

A certified technologist has the skills to perform a large number of clinical tests and operate highly intricate, modern equipment. The work of medical lab technicians includes:

  • Carrying out procedures for extraction of body fluid samples, and evaluation and analysis of those fluids. 
  • Examining various tissues of the body, methods of sample acquisition and preparation, and their microscopic examination. 
  • Evaluating different blood cells and diagnosing the changes or pathology therein. 
  • Carrying out biochemistry tests that measure blood composition, hormones, enzymes, and drug levels. 
  • Performing blood grouping, cross-matching in case of emergency and trauma. 
  • Carrying out microbiological identification of various pathogens affecting the human body. These include various viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens which cause infections.

The medical lab technicians/technologists usually work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals.

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Admission in Medical Lab Technology Course at VIROHAN

Admission to the MLT (Medical Laboratory Technology) program at Virohan is based on merit, determined by the candidate's academic record. There is no entrance exam or interview required for admission to the program. To apply, prospective students must have completed 10+2 or equivalent from a recognized board from any stream with a minimum aggregate of 33% marks.

Interested candidates are required to fill out an application form and submit it along with their academic transcripts, personal details, and other relevant documents. The admission committee at Virohan will review the applications and offer admission to eligible candidates based on their academic performance.

MLT Course Fees

The fees for the MLT (Medical Laboratory Technology) program can vary depending on the institute offering the course. However, on average, MLT course fees in India range from INR 50,000 to INR 2,00,000 for the entire duration of the program.

CMLT ProgramINR 35,000
DMLT ProgramINR 66,000
ADMLT ProgramINR 1,49,000
BMLT ProgramINR 3,00,000

Medical Lab Technology Course Duration

One can join this allied healthcare workforce and serve the community after completing programs of varying durations,

CMLT Program6 Months
DMLT Program1 Year
ADMLT Program2 Years
BMLT Program3 Years
Online Diploma in MLT1 year

Most of the paramedical programs including certificate and diploma/advanced diploma programs are offered at Virohan.

Working laboratory technicians can pick our online program which include CMLT and DMLT.

Medical Lab Technician Course Eligibility

  • There are a few prerequisites for the admission process that are almost common for degree and diploma courses. 
  • To take admission in DMLT, ADMLT, or B.Sc. MLT, you must have passed Class 12.  Usually, in most institutes in India, a score of 50% or above is considered. 
  • If working professionals zero in on Virohan as their choice, they need to present a relevant work experience of at least 3 months for the online CMLT program and 6 months for the online DMLT program.

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Medical Lab Technician Salary and Perks

  • The trainee level technicians can directly join a laboratory or a hospital. They can earn anything between Rs.10,000 to Rs 20,000 per month. 
  • The government is the model employer offering salaries between Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000. 
  • A similar salary range is offered by the leading hospitals and laboratories in the country where the senior technologists earn more than Rs 40,000. 
  • In addition to this, many employers offer healthcare benefits and other allowances to their employees.

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Job Recruiters for Medical Lab Technician

With a degree in medical lab sciences, you can have quite a stellar career. One has numerous avenues to acquire a decent job and excel in this field, such as:

  • Hospital laboratories always require trained medical lab technicians. 
  • International health services like the Red Cross Society Government health services Blood banks need to be trained staff to carry out testing processes. 
  • Forensic labs need MLT with a broad range of analytical laboratory skills. 
  • Clinical research laboratories to carry out medical trials. Educational institutions need qualified technicians to support the work of science teachers. 
  • Physicians’ laboratories employ qualified medical lab technicians for sample collection and IV administration when needed. 
  • Veterinary clinics have lab technicians assist during surgeries. 
  • They also perform routine lab work. NGOs provide reliable and affordable healthcare to marginalized communities. 
  • These require healthcare professionals to achieve their goals.

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Job Profiles after Medical Lab Technician Course

On completion of the lab technician course, you can apply for various job profiles.

  • The most sought after job profile is that of a phlebotomist. 
  • The other job roles are that of a Lab technologist or pathology technician. 
  • You could grow professionally and become a lab supervisor or manager. 
  • Your hard work and skills can help you become a laboratory information system analyst. 
  • Also, you can apply for jobs as a research associate or a medical writer.

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How to Became a Medical Laboratory Technologist

To establish yourself as a healthcare worker other than a doctor, you can choose the MLT course.

  • CMLT- short-term specialization course of varying duration- it can be a 3 or 6 months duration program with 2 months of internship. 
  • DMLT- Diploma in medical laboratory technology- is primarily a 1-year program with 5 months of internship.  
  • ADMLT- Advanced diploma- is primarily a 2-year program with 6 months of internship. 
  • BMLT- bachelor's program- is usually of 3-year duration with 6 months to a one-year internship.

The courses in the program are taught as a combination of classroom lectures and laboratory practical sessions. This is to fully prepare you and equip you with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge you need in the line of work.

These programs are offered at various institutions across India.

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Medical Lab Technology Course Structure and Curriculum

The course structure may vary from one institute to another.

The course curriculum is so devised that the students are entirely transformed into responsible professionals at the end of the course. This course curriculum helps in gaining enough ability to apply the principles of basic science in everyday practice. This enables technicians to execute their daily duties with professionalism and best character.

In order to achieve this, the basic subjects in the course curriculum are:

  • Anatomy 
  • Physiology 
  • Pathology 
  • Microbiology 
  • Biochemistry 
  • Medical ethics and communication for healthcare professionals 
  • Hospital administration and training 
  • Haematology 
  • Histocytology 
  • Biomedical techniques 
  • Advanced medical diagnostics 
  • Lab management

These are the core subjects that one has to study.

More advanced and in-depth study of these subjects with a focus on specific and individual aspects of the subject area is done in advanced diploma and bachelors programs.

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