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5 Reasons to do Medical Lab Technician Course (MLT) After 12th

By Daksh kapoor on 18 Aug 2022
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Reasons to do Medical Lab Technician Course

Reasons to do MLT Course after 12th

Workplace Flexibility

  • As MLT you can take advantage of unique benefits. 
  • One of them is that you can work in a wide range of establishments.  
  • Hospitals, laboratories, clinics, all secure the services of MLT. 
  • There are numerous sectors worldwide such as international health services like the Red Cross Society or the government health services that also employ laboratory technicians. 
  • Blood banks, forensic labs also require trained laboratory technicians. 
  • The clinical research laboratories, educational institutions, veterinary hospitals, caregiving NGOs, also require their own medical laboratory technicians. 
  • You can choose a healthcare facility that complements your frame of mind.

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Behind Scenes Work

  • Dealing with biochemical, pathological and microscopic examination of cells, tissues and fluids of the body is as important as facing the patients.  
  • Even not being a doctor your contributions are irreplaceable.  
  • And not every medical lab technician requires direct patient contact.  
  • MLTs assist medical professionals in detecting diseases and determining treatment options. In fact, you may not come into contact with patients at all.  
  • If you wish to be a critical component but work behind the scenes, MLT is the career of choice.

The Amalgamation of Science, Tech and healthcare

  • Medical lab technology is a mix of healthcare, science and technology. One can go as far as to say that it is the best of all worlds, from serving humanity, being a healthcare services provider to learning new techniques and technology. 
  • Lab technology work involves using advanced techniques to perform analysis on samples. So MLT course after 12th as a career is the perfect blend of love for science and technology. 
  • Medical lab technology is many sciences in one. You study the basics of various specialised fields of medicine. Microbiology, Blood Banking, Immunology, Clinical Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Pathology, Haematology, etc. are taught in MLT training.  
  • So, you can choose to further specialise in numerous specific fields to open up to various professional opportunities.

Fast Entry into the Workplace

  • You can start earning in less than three years. 
  • You can settle for a DMLT Course, usually a one-year course. 
  • It is like a power-packed capsule, low investment and rapid gain program. An even faster and cheaper shortcut into the healthcare industry is through a certificate course in medical lab technology-CMLT. 
  • It offers similar benefits at a lower level in the healthcare hierarchy. These programs come your way with greater job assurance and scope for further career advancement while earning a commendable salary.

Employment Growth

  • Employment avenues along with demand for medical lab technicians and paramedical professionals, in general, has skyrocketed post-COVID 19. In view of recent times, where many have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, health care has been relatively immune to recessions. People get sick during both good and bad times. So the demand for medical care is relatively stable. 
  • The healthcare system is handicapped without technicians. and the demand for such professionals is ever increasing. 
  • Getting employed is easy because of the tremendous employability rates due to intensified demand.

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Daily operations of a healthcare facility can not be realised without qualified laboratory technicians.

So, there is nothing to stop you from becoming a paramedical science professional except your own will and proclivity, you are your only limit !!

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