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MBA in Hospital Management

By Daksh kapoor on 13 Oct 2022
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What is MBA in Hospital Administration?

MBA in hospital and healthcare management is a 2-year post graduation program offering a strong medical career to medical and non-medical students. This full-time course gives you in-depth knowledge about public health, organisation, finances, laws, and ethics. It develops you to tackle critical situations with adequate knowledge and decision-making.

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MBA in Hospital Management Information:

Course NameMBA in Hospital Management
Course LevelPost-graduation
EligibilityBachelor’s Degree in any field
Duration2 years
Average SalaryINR 3-12 Lakhs
Job PositionHealthcare Finance Managers, Medical and Health Service Managers, Hospital Administrators, Medical Director, Blood Bank Administrators, Hospital Business Managers, Food and Beverage Managers, etc.

Responsibilities of MBA Hospital Administration Professional

An MBA in hospital administration develops you into a strong individual to manage the entire hospital and staff. Some of the core responsibilities of hospital administration professionals are:

  1. Monitoring expenses.
  2. Suggesting cost-effective solutions to problems.
  3. Supervising the staff.
  4. Assigning tasks to hospital staff.
  5. Supervising administrative operations in hospitals.
  6. Creating quarterly and annual budgets.
  7. Maintaining employee and medical records.
  8. Resolving queries from hospital staff.
  9. Resolving patient issues.
  10. Training new employees.

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Skills Required for MBA Hospital Administration

An MBA in hospital and healthcare management allows you to manage the entire hospital and staff. You will have to take critical decisions and actions depending on the situation. It requires some skills such as:

  1. Strong interpersonal skills to resolve issues.
  2. Leadership skills to take charge of your employees.
  3. Negotiation skills to find solutions.
  4. Teamwork skills to build a strong team.
  5. Logical and business skills to make financial decisions.
  6. Time management skills to ensure smooth functioning of the hospital.

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MBA Hospital Administration Course Duration

The course duration for MBA in hospital and healthcare management is two years. Over two years, the students are thoroughly prepared for managing administrative positions within hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare centres.

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MBA Hospital Administration Course Fees

The hospital administration program at Virohan imparts quality education to students with advanced facilities. It develops them with the required leadership and administrative skills to manage a business, finances, policy, regulation, audit, law, and other aspects of the hospital. We also provide hands-on training to our students through internships and help them with their placements.

We believe in imparting quality education at nominal prices. With this aim, we charge a total tuition fee of 38,500. You can learn more about the fee structure

MBA Hospital Administration Course Details

Hospital administrators are professionals with specific skills specialised in hospital administration and management sciences. They deal with the management, leadership, and administration of healthcare systems and hospital networks. They are involved in seamless daily operations and must make critical decisions to manage the healthcare facilities.

For the overall development of our students into excellent hospital administrators, our course is structured into the following:

  1. Healthcare delivery system to understand the delivery of healthcare.
  2. Hospital organisational structure to understand the various levels of employees and their responsibilities.
  3. Principles of hospital operation management to understand the overall coordination of different processes.
  4. Clinical administrative and supportive services to understand the functioning and administrative functions of the hospital.
  5. Functional hospital organisation to understand the functional structure of the organisation.
  6. Billing and insurance to deal with the financial system of the organisation.
  7. Medical terminology to understand various medical terms.
  8. Hospital and health system to study the evolution of hospitals.
  9. Biostatistics (Operation research and research methodology) to understand the application of statistics for biological and medical data.
  10. Management information system to study computer systems, including hardware and software involved in hospital operations.
  11. Fundamentals of accounting to understand gathering, processing, and reporting financial information and financial statements.
  12. Health economics to be able to use available resources for the benefit of the company efficiently.
  13. Patient communication to understand skills needed for patient care.
  14. Hospital laws to understand business aspects, licenses, and certifications of a healthcare organisation.

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Job Profile After MBA in Hospital Administration

After completing MBA in hospital and healthcare management, you can work in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare-related institutions. Based on your previous experience, you can find below job roles:

  • Medical director.
  • Nursing director.
  • Hospital superintendent.
  • Patient administration specialist.
  • Quality management executive.
  • Chief operating officer.
  • Head of clinical operations
  • Administrative executive.
  • Public care administrator

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Salary after MBA in Hospital Administration

Once you have completed your course from the best colleges for MBA in hospital management, you can expect a starting salary between 3-5 lakh per annum. With 5-9 years of experience, you can expect 10-12 lakh per annum.

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Eligibility for MBA in Hospital Administration

The MBA in hospital management eligibility varies for different universities. You can also apply for an online MBA in hospital management. However, the essential criterion for MBA is a bachelor's degree from a certified college in India.

Why Virohan

Virohan Institute of Health and Management Sciences is a leading institute in India offering excellent courses to students. The MBA in Hospital management at our college is a job-oriented course which gives you appropriate knowledge through a unique blend of theory and practical. Moreover, we also offer a diploma in hospital management and a certificate program of 7- and 4-months durations. Our hospital management courses train students through practical activities, advanced facilities, and in-class training. We also offer 100% internship and placement support to all our students.

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