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Everything you Need to Know About Lab Assistant

By Daksh kapoor on 13 Oct 2022
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A lab assistant plays an integral role in the medical science industry. Being a laboratory assistant, you work directly with researchers and scientists to analyze samples. This article is for you if you are passionate about medical science and a lab assistant course.

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Role of a Lab Assistant

The responsibilities and duties of a lab assistant vary throughout the day. The core duties, however, are:

  • Taking and processing samples.
  • Preparing samples for tests using different laboratory instruments.
  • Performing laboratory tests such as bacterial culturing.
  • Preparing and maintaining laboratory records according to clinical standards.
  • Accurately labelling specimens and distributing them to specified departments.
  • Performing quality control.
  • Cleaning and maintaining work area as well as all laboratory instruments and supplies

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Salary of a Lab Assistant

After completing the lab assistant course from Virohan, you can find job opportunities in either a small diagnostic lab or a fully equipped research facility. Your salary, thus, may vary depending on the facility and location. The average starting salary, however, is around 16000 per month.

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Lab Assistant's Appointment

Once you have completed the laboratory assistant course, you can receive an appointment from either private or government research or diagnostic facilities. Your salary, thus, may again vary depending on the type of facility.

Procedure to Become a Lab Assistant

To pursue your career as a laboratory assistant, you will have to complete your high school education in the science stream. Once completed, you can apply at Virohan for diploma or certification courses to begin your career.

Lab Assistant Course Duration

You may apply for different medical lab assistant courses such as:

The diploma courses take two years to complete, while the certification is six months.

Lab Assistant Course Fee

At Virohan, we value quality education at nominal prices. With this aim, the entire coursework and fee structure is designed to support students build strong careers. We provide advanced facilities, quality education from industry leaders, internships, and full placement support at affordable prices. The total tuition fees of the courses vary and are close to 66K.

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Lab Assistant Course Details

A lab assistant is skilled in conducting various laboratory tests and is responsible for diagnosing diseases. The assistants are directly involved in diagnosing, treating, and preventing disease. To do this, professionals must have a thorough knowledge of biochemical, pathological, and microscopic examination of the body’s cells, tissues, and fluids.

The lab assistant course at Virohan is designed in a way to provide complete knowledge of the following to our students:

1. Human body; its anatomy and physiology.
2. Medical terminology to understand medical terms.
3. Medical laws and ethics to understand different cases.
4. Infection control to minimize dissemination of infections in healthcare settings.
5. Medical emergencies to plan and manage a crisis.
6. Biochemistry to understand biological processes at cellular levels.
7. Haematology, Immunology and Serology to understand the blood, immune system, and body fluids.
8. Microbiology to study microorganisms.
9. Clinical pathology to diagnose diseases.
10. Pre- and post-analytical lab procedures to evaluate specimens.
11. Other advanced techniques to keep up with the advanced procedures.

With a deep theoretical and practical learning of various subjects, our students have been placed in leading healthcare settings in the country.

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Qualification for Lab Assistants

Being a lab assistant, you should have the following qualifications and skills:

  • Attention to detail.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Profound interest in research and analysis.
  • Mathematic and measurement skills.
  • Knowledge of computer research and analysis programs.
  • Experience working with laboratory instruments.

Degree Required

A good lab attendant course is required to become a successful laboratory assistant. Depending on your choice, you can opt for CMLT, DMLT, or ADMLT.

Lab Assistant Job Description

The job description of a lab assistant is as below:

  • Collecting various blood or fluid body samples for studies.
  • Investigating samples for diagnosis.
  • Testing of samples.
  • Keeping a record of laboratory data.
  • Participating in national disease eradication projects.
  • Working on different research projects.

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Lab Assistant Course Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for laboratory assistant course varies for different universities. At Virohan, the criteria include:

  • A 10+2 certificate with science subjects.
  • A minimum aggregate score of 55% in 10+2.

Certificate Course

If you wish to start your career without a degree program, a 6-month certificate program can help you to pursue a career as a lab assistant. The popular course offered by Virohan is CMLT.

Virohan Institute of Health and Management Sciences is a premier institute in India offering diploma and certification courses in paramedical sciences. Our students have been placed in excellent organisations with exceptional facilities and faculty. Click here to learn more about us.

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