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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: An Emerging Trend

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Over the past few years, artificial intelligence, or AI, has been in the news. AI has improved several of our activities, and now researchers are also seeking the use of ai in healthcare. If you are interested in learning about ai and automation in healthcare, this article is for you.

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What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence allows machines to develop, model, and improve the human mind's capabilities. For example, Siri and Alexa are intelligent assistants that have become a massive part of our everyday lives. Due to the success of Alexa and Siri, various companies are trying to develop newer ai solutions in healthcare.

Artificial intelligence is a broad umbrella that includes various branches of computer science concerned with developing smart machines. These smart machines perform functions that require human intelligence. In simpler words, artificial intelligence refers to building intelligent machines to simplify human life.

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Applications of AI

Artificial intelligence is everywhere around us today. It has become an essential element of our day-to-day lives. Surprisingly, you may even be using one artificial intelligence application without knowing. Some of its applications include:

  1. Artificial intelligence is widely used in gaming, like chess, to challenge the human mind.
  2. The technology is also utilised in the finance sector in the form of automation, chatbot, and algorithm trading.
  3. Data security is also advanced today with artificial intelligence and helps combat cyber-attacks.
  4. The social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are also organised and managed by artificial intelligence.
  5. Erica and Sophia's humanoid robots are developed to talk and behave like humans.
  6. Artificial intelligence-based applications such as Amazon Prime and Netflix follow an AI-backed algorithm which shows recommendations for shows.

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How AI helps in Healthcare?

Artificial intelligence helps computers or machines to mimic human cognition. Once enabled, these machines can learn, think, and make decisions like the human mind. Recently, the uses of ai in healthcare are coming out an emerging trend. Researchers are finding the future of ai in healthcare and improving the lives of humans.

One such innovative AI solution in healthcare is a surgical robot. Surgical robots, or "Da Vinci", were approved by the USFDA in 2000. Since then, these have been called the superpowers of surgeons. The robots improve their ability to view internal organs accurately and also helps in performing minimally invasive procedures. Today, many complicated surgical procedures are being conducted with less time and more precision through AI in healthcare; surgical robots.

Besides improving surgeries, various advanced diagnostic equipment is highly effective in accurately detecting diseases. Smart machines focus not only on diagnosis but also provide treatment recommendations by studying the symptoms. This helps doctors in creating a sound treatment strategy.

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Future of AI in Healthcare

AI has already started to improve the healthcare sector and will continue to play a pivotal role in the future. The AI-enabled systems will improve the diagnosis and treatment of even critical diseases. The AI systems will work handily with doctors and surgeons to create a more advanced and precise patient care environment.

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