Online Diploma Course In Hospital Administration For Working Healthcare Professionals

Online Diploma Course In Hospital Administration For Working Healthcare Professionals

By Daksh kapoor on 20 Jul 2021
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The first physical point of contact as soon as one enters a hospital is a hospital administrator (HA).

They play a key role in ensuring a seamless patient experience that involves

  • Greeting the patient and/or his/her attendant,
  • Handling sensitive information like health records,
  • Billing and paperwork and databases,
  • Answering the patient’s/attendant’s queries,
  • And at the same time assisting in ordering and maintaining inventory.

It would be no exaggeration if we say that a healthcare facility's modus operandi is only as good as its administrators.

Thus, to ensure smoother functioning of their healthcare facility, working healthcare professionals can opt for an Online Diploma Program in Hospital Administration. This is a 7 monthly long program and enables the learners to upskill themselves to better handle the administrative tasks of a healthcare system network.

Who are Hospital Administration

Hospital administrators are professionals with specialized skills in hospital administration and management sciences. They manage a hospital’s operations, such as healthcare services, staff coordination, and patient relationships. They are among the key players in a hospital who make sure the daily operations are running smoothly and seamlessly, in turn ensuring an efficiently running facility.

Their critical role enables a healthcare facility to offer improved services to both their patients and employees.

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Why Online Diploma Program in HA?

  • With NABH-like quality drives being conducted in hospitals and healthcare organizations, there is now an increasing demand to hire trained hospital administrators with professional certifications.
  • Online classes run in an asynchronous format, which means working professionals can view the online videos at any time that fits their current work schedule or family responsibilities.
  • The flexibility of an online program gives working professionals the option to continue working at their current jobs while further improving their resumes.
  • It develops in learners the ability to take on the challenges in today’s ever-evolving healthcare scenario.
  • It is a cost-effective program of a short duration of just 7 months.

Organized healthcare in India has only 7%, certified professionals.

Eligibility for Online Diploma Course in Hospital Administration

Usually, in most institutes in India, the applicants need to have scored 50% or above in the 12th class board examination with or without science subjects, to apply for this program.

In addition to this, at Virohan the working professionals need to present a relevant work experience proof of at least 6 months from their healthcare employer, for pursuing this online diploma program in hospital administration.

Curriculum For Online Diploma Course in Hospital Administration

A hospital administrator must have an in-depth knowledge of the basic functioning and structure of a healthcare organization along with basic management skills, computer skills, and soft skills like workplace etiquette, communication skills, and conflict management.

To achieve this, the basic subjects included in the course curriculum are:

  • Healthcare delivery system
  • Medical Terminology
  • Hospital and Health System (History and Evolution)
  • Hospital organizational structure
  • Hospital operation management
  • Principles of management
  • Clinical administrative and supportive services
  • Management Information System
  • Functional hospital organization
  • Billing and insurance
  • Patient communication
  • Hospital related law

Why Virohan for an Online Diploma Program in Hospital Administation?

To give wings to the dreams of an already working healthcare professional, opting for a good institute is of utmost importance. Virohan strives to transform the career aspirations of all those who place their faith in it into fulfilling and progressive careers.

  • Virohan equips the existing healthcare workers with an NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) certification which can improve their salary and provide better and more job opportunities.
  • With its placement partner network of over 650 organizations, it has a 360-degree integration from demand aggregation to placements providing progressive livelihood opportunities to all those who enroll with Virohan.
  • The blended learning pedagogy, bite-sized videos, quizzes, and gamified versions of concepts together form the USP of Virohan, enabling working professionals to upskill themselves engagingly.
  • Virohan provides weekly tests with a 24*7 facilitator support for doubt resolution, which helps fill a learner’s knowledge gaps.
  • Its MyCareer app has a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for working professionals to keep a track of their progress and access their lectures at any point in their busy schedules.
  • Virohan aims to provide an empowering career path to low-income professionals by helping them enhance their profiles by necessary skill-building along with offering placement support within its network.
  • Virohan has tie-ups with financing institutions to offer no-cost EMI options to the students to increase accessibility and affordability.

Enrollments at VIROHAN have seen an increase of over two-fold in 2020-2021 compared to the previous fiscal year and it plans to train over 1 million students by 2025.

At Virohan, we work with a passion to build a generation of certified professionals who can grow in their careers. We focus on providing the best learning opportunities through our partnerships with medical experts and industry leaders. Virohan offers the most efficient and scalable learning platform for the current as well as future healthcare workforce skilling needs.

It is imperative and natural that you choose the best paramedical institute to acquire all the required skills and transform them into a stellar career.

A certified hospital administrator thus will earn an edge above the others working incessantly without a certificate and will possess sharpened skills to oversee various aspects of the hospital for smooth and hassle-free functioning of the healthcare facility as a whole.

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