Even a slight increase in body temperature is terrifying in present times. The onset of fever is followed by consultation with a physician, who then recommends blood tests to diagnose the medical condition, avoid complications and chalk out a treatment plan.

This is where a patient comes face to face with a Phlebotomist who collects blood samples for testing.

Phlebotomy Course LevelCirtificate and Diploma
Phlebotomy Course DurationSix Month – One Year
Phlebotomy Course EligibilityPassed 10+2 with any subject, minimum of 50% marks
Phlebotomy Course Average SalaryRs 10,000 to Rs 15,000
Phlebotomy Course Top Recruiting FieldsPrivate Hospitals, Academic Institute or Colleges, Pathology Labs, Medical Content Writing, Military Services, and Most Important Government Jobs
Ways Of Doing Phlebotomy CourseOnline, Offline with Blended Learning

What is Phlebotomist?

A healthcare worker who exclusively takes care of the blood collection process by drawing blood for diagnostic purposes, and assists the medical laboratory technologist, doctors, and nurses are referred to as a Phlebotomist.

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What Does The Phlebotomist Do?

A Phlebotomist thus collects blood samples by venipuncture and fingerstick for:

  • investigation of a patient’s condition and treatment progress
  • processing of specimens for research purposes
  • testing where the blood group of the donor is to be determined in case of blood transfusion

A phlebotomist’s other responsibilities include:

  • conducting patient interviews and checking patients’ vital signs 
  • transporting blood samples to the laboratory for testing
  • maintaining patient records

In case you want to make a career in healthcare as a paramedic, this is one of the courses you can choose from.

Phlebotomist taking blood for transfusions

Why Phlebotomy Course Certification?

To work as a phlebotomist, a certificate helps you forge ahead in your career and become a valuable part of a medical team because you help nurses and doctors diagnose medical conditions and better plan treatment strategies. Phlebotomists are crucial players in helping patients receive an accurate and timely diagnosis.

Because of the short program length, you can enter the workforce sooner and gain valuable experience. This certification can also be done online, helping an already working lab technician earn a certificate without any geographic or time constraints allowing working professionals to upskill and certify themselves without compromising on their respective jobs and habitation.

This program certified by NSDC focuses on the acquisition of skills necessary to develop key responsibilities like:

  • Collecting, storing, and transporting blood specimens, etc.
  • Practising infection control measures, from use of personal protective equipment (PPE) to disposal of biomedical waste cautiously.
  • Giving basic first aid in the event of an emergency during venipuncture.

Phlebotomy Course Eligibility And Duration

After passing class XII from a recognized board/university, you can apply for the Certificate course in Medical Laboratory Technology (CMLT), from any recognized institute approved by an accredited board.

The aspirants enrolled with VIROHAN are also required to possess a motor vehicle driving license because apart from collecting biological samples at the centre, it would be the responsibility of the phlebotomist to carry out home sample collection, label them accurately and also deliver samples within set time frames.

Phlebotomy training courses vary in length and usually lead to a certificate of completion and in some cases a diploma certificate

The certificate course – CMLT is a short-term specialization course of a 6-month duration at VIROHAN. This includes 4 months of theory (for both offline and online batches) and 2 months of internship (only for offline batches).

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Opportunities And Remuneration After Phlebotomy Course

As a phlebotomist or laboratory technician, you will often be a patient’s only contact with the medical laboratory. Apart from working in a laboratory, you can also earn a living by applying for a job in places like – private or government hospitals, blood banks, diagnostic centres, or clinics.

Laboratory technicians provide up to 70% of patients’ laboratory testing to physicians so they can provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Covid crisis has got the world au courant with medical laboratory technicians, increasing their requirement and the respect they deserve. The pandemic has created ample job opportunities in the healthcare sector for Phlebotomist.

Salary After Doing Phlebotomy Course

Based on the experience one can get an initial salary of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000. But on the basis of experience, the salary increases. 

Employers prefer to hire experienced workers with a certification.

Your options will multiply once you have taken the initial steps towards getting a certification. Why not get started today?

It is imperative and natural that you choose the best paramedical institute for your study in paramedical courses, where you acquire all the skills, build and transform them into a career, and get the best learning opportunities to build a career in healthcare industry.

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These healthcare courses are taught to you in such a way that you get the hands-on experience, practical knowledge, and insight to deal with patients in real life right after finishing the course.

Prior to your admission, you can go for career counselling at Virohan institute where psychometric assessments and informed guidance advise you to take admission in a field of your interest and also guide you about the scope of that field. This expert counselling helps you understand what is best for you, and offers you a deep understanding of the scope of the best job-oriented healthcare programs before you make a decision.


It is a procedure in which a needle is used to draw blood from a vein usually for laboratory testing.

It is usually performed to diagnose certain diseases or health conditions.

It can also be performed to cure an illness. For example, to remove too much iron from the blood, therapeutic phlebotomy is performed.

A professional who is trained to take samples of blood for testing.

The phlebotomist is an allied healthcare professional and not a doctor.

To become a phlebotomist you should have cleared a diploma or certificate program from any recognised/approved institute.

Aspirants should have cleared class 12 in any stream with a basic understanding of English and Mathematics. For enrolment with Virohan, you should possess a driving licence.

A certificate course in medical laboratory technology- CMLT is usually of 6 months duration.

Whereas a Diploma program, DMLT, is a one year course.

No, the NEET exam is not required for the course. The institute you are applying to, may have an entrance exam of their own.

Phlebotomists are required in hospitals, physicians’ clinics, independent laboratories, diagnostic care centres and even many caregiving NGOs.


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