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Agnipath Scheme and Their Future Scope

By Arushi Trivedi on 23 Jun 2022
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Agnipath Scheme

Agneepath scheme is an initiative launched by the Government of India to recruit candidates for soldier ranks in the Indian Armed Forces i.e. The Indian Army, The Indian Navy, and The Indian Air Force. The scheme was launched to recruit ‘young talent from the society who are more aligned with contemporary technological trends and send skilled, disciplined and motivated manpower into the society.’ The scheme is already followed in the west where youngsters enroll for service in the armed forces after completion of their school (10/12th) and later go on to join other jobs or higher studies later. The scheme is fit for youngsters who want to contribute and devote themselves to the IAF and come out skilled, disciplined and confident. These individuals are trainable and know how to work in a team, thus can work in any job of their interest.

Agnipath Scope and Their Future Scope

The scheme entails many benefits for the recruits during and after the scheme. Read on to find out answers to all your queries.

What is the Agnipath Scheme?

The Agnipath (Agneepath) scheme was introduced by the government of India to recruit candidates as soldiers to serve the nation as Agniveers through enrollment in the Indian Armed Forces (IAF) – Army, Navy, and Air Force. This is a Pan India merit-based recruitment HR management scheme where candidates will be known as Agniveers who will serve in the Armed forces for 4 years including training for six months.

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Who are Agniveers?

The young men and women between the age of 17 and a half and 21 years who are eligible for the recruitment will be known as “Agniveers” after clearing all the tests. Their recruitment will either be directly through educational institutions or recruitment rallies and they will serve for a short period of four years without any pension.

Who can apply for the Agnipath Scheme as Agniveer?

Young men and women between the ages of 17-21 years who want to be a part of the Indian Armed Forces i.e. The Army, Navy and Air Force can apply for this scheme. Check out the Eligibility for becoming an Agniveer.

What happens to Agniveer after 4 years of service?

After the completion of their service, i.e. at the end of four years, around 75% of the Agniveers will go back to the society. However, based on organizational requirements and policies circulated by the Indian Armed Forces:

  • Agniveers who have exited will be offered an opportunity to apply for enrolment in the IAF in the regular cadre.
  • The skills gained by each Agniveer will be presented in the form of a certificate for his resume. PSUs, government agencies, paramilitary forces, and state governments have promised that they would give preference for jobs to Agniveers who complete their four years of service in the Armed Forces.
  • 25% of the strength of the specific batch of original Agniveers will be enrolled in the IAF based on performance during their four-year engagement period.
  • The Armed Forces (in association with IGNOU) will provide graduation degrees to Agniveers for higher studies after the completion of four years of service.
  • They can join job-oriented courses, like their background, it will cater to the required skill sets and paired with a degree/diploma they can get a decent job with a good pay scale. You can check out healthcare courses that are job-oriented here.

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What is the Salary of Agniveers?

YearPackage (Monthly)In Hand (70%)Contribution to Agniveer Corpus Fund (30%)Contribution to Corpus Fund by GoI
1st YearRs. 30000Rs. 21000Rs. 9000Rs. 9000
2nd YearRs. 33000Rs. 23100Rs. 9900Rs. 9900
3rd YearRs. 36500Rs. 25580Rs. 10950Rs. 10950
4th YearRs. 40000Rs. 28000Rs. 12000Rs. 12000
Total contribution after four yearsRs. 5.02 LakhRs. 5.02 Lakh  
Exit After 4 YearRs. 11.71 Lakh as SevaNidhi Package   

How to apply for Agniveers Recruitment 2022?

Visit the official site ->


  • Register using a valid email-id and mobile number.
  • Fill in the online form with all the relevant details.
  • Upload the required certificates or documents.
  • Verify the details before applying.
  • Click on “Submit”
  • Take a printout of the Application.

What is the Seva Nidhi Package?

The Seva Nidhi package will be a one-time payment of Rs. 11.71 Lakh at the end of the term of Agniveer. This package will be exempted from Income Tax and will be paid as a one-time amount after 4 years of service of an Agniveer.

What are the dates to apply for Agnipath Scheme?

Timeline of Agnipath Scheme

Online RegistrationsJuly 1, 2022
IAF Agniveer Vayu Online Form Date 202224th June 2022
Last Date for IAF Agniveer Vayu Apply Online 20225th July 2022
Detailed Notification for Agniveer 2022July 9, 2022
Application form start dateJuly 15, 2022
Application form last dateJuly 30, 2022
Examination and Physical Fitness TestMid October 2022
Medical Screening and Joining at INS ChilkaCommencing from November 21, 2022

What are the posts for Agniveer?

S.No.Name of the post
Indian Navy 
1Agniveer (SSR)
2Agniveer (MR) – Chef
3Agniveer (MR) – Steward
4Agniveer (MR) – Hygienist
Indian Army 
1Agniveer (General Duty)
2Agniveer (Tech)
3Agniveer Tech (Avn & Amn Examiner)
4Agniveer Clerk / Store Keep
5Agniveer Tradesmen (10th pass)
6Agniveer Tradesmen (8th pass)
Indian Air Force 
1Indian Air Force
2Agniveer (fitter)

What will Agniveers do in their job in the Navy?

Agniveer (SSR)

In this post, Agniveer will become part of a highly technical Organization. They will serve in powerful, modern ships such as Aircraft Carriers, Guided Missile Destroyers and Frigates, Replenishment Ships and highly technical and fascinating submarines and aircraft.

Qualification Reruirements:

Qualified in 10+2 examination with Mathematics, Physics and at least one of these subjects: Chemistry/Biology/Computer Science from an educational board recognized by the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India.

Agniveer (MR) - Chef

As the chef, Agniveer will be required to prepare food according to the menu (vegetarian and non-vegetarian which includes handling of meat products), as well as an accounting of ration. Apart from that, Agniveers will be trained in firearms and will be allotted other duties for the efficient running of the organization.

Agniveer (MR) - Steward

Agniveers would serve food in the Officers’ messes as waiters, and housekeeping staff and they will be responsible for the accounting of funds, wine and stores, preparation of menu etc. They will also be trained in firearms and will be allotted other duties for the efficient running of the organization.

Agniveer (MR) - Hygienist

As hygienists, Agniveers will be required to maintain hygiene in wash-rooms and other areas. In addition, they will also be trained in firearms and will be allotted other duties for the efficient running of the organization.

Qualification Requirement for Agniveer (MR) Post:

Candidates must have passed the Matriculation Examination from the Boards of School Education recognised by the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India.

What is the Selection Process for Agniveers?

The selection for the Agniveer Recruitment 2022 will be based on the following stages:

  1. Physical Standard Test
  2. Physical Measurement Test
  3. Medical Test
  4. Written Test through Common Entrance Examination (CEE)
  5. Document Verification

What is the Age Limit for Agniveers?

The age for Agniveer candidates should be between 17½ -21* years on the day of enrolment.

*A one-time relaxation of the upper age limit up to 23 years has been granted for the Agniveer 2022 batch only.

What is the training that will be given to Agniveers?

Candidates selected as Agniveers will undergo Basic Training at INS Chilka followed by Professional training in the allotted trade in various Naval Training Establishments. Branch / Trade will be allotted as per the requirement of the service.

How will the Agniveers be assessed during the term of service?

The Armed forces will maintain an online database of all Agniveers and will follow a common and transparent assessment process. Skills attained by all Agniveers will be recorded systematically and broad and universal guidelines will be framed before the appointment of the first batch of Agniveers.

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Can Women also apply as Agniveers?

Women cannot apply in the Indian Army, as they will only pick up male recruits, but the Indian Navy and Indian Air Force will recruit women candidates also as Agniveers.

Can Agniveers leave the Armed Forces before the completion of their tenure?

In exceptional cases, the Competent Authority may allow the candidate to leave on a case-to-case basis but, as per the regulations, they will not be allowed to leave before completing their tenure of four years. In the case of Agniveers exiting before the end of their engagement period at their request, the ‘Seva Nidhi‘ package will only comprise their contribution including accrued interest thereon.

Will the Agniveers get Life Insurance?

Yes, Life insurance cover of ?48 lakhs for the duration of their engagement period as Agniveers will be provided by the Indian Armed Forces.

What will be the compensation for death as Agniveers

Compensation for the death of Agniveers will be provided to the Next of Kin (NOK)

  1. Insurance cover of ?48 lakhs or as applicable
  2. All other compensation according to the categories mentioned below:

Category X: It includes death due to natural causes neither attributed nor aggravated by military service during the engagement period.

Category Y: It includes death due to causes which are accepted as attributable to or aggravated by military service or due to accident/mishaps in the performance of duties including training during the engagement period.

Category Z: It includes death during the engagement period, due to acts of violence/ attack by terrorists, anti-social elements, enemy, during border skirmishes, war, peacekeeping operations, aid to civil power etc; and during operational preparation and training for war including battle inoculation training exercises and accidental deaths due to natural calamities operations specially notified by the Govt. etc.

S.No.CategoryEntitlement of Agniveer
1Death during engagement period on Bonafide duty (Category ‘Y/Z’)(i) Insurance cover of Rs. 48 lakh from Public Fund(ii) One-time ex-gratia Rs. 44 lakhs from Public fund(iii) Full pay for unserved period upto four years (with effect from date of death) including Seva Nidhi component.(iv) Balance accumulated (as on date) in the individual’s Seva Nidhi fund and Govt contribution including interest from the Agniveer Corpus Fund.
2Death during engagement period not on duty (Category ‘X’)(i) Insurance Cover of Rs. 48 lakhs from Public Fund.(ii) Balance accumulated (as on date) in the individual’s Seva Nidhi fund and Govt contribution including interest from the Agniveer Corpus Fund.

What will be the compensation for the disability during their service as Agniveers?

In case an Agniveer is disabled or faces a functional incapacity during his tenure, they will be placed in Permanent Low Medical Category (LMC) and the compensation will be assessed by the authorities based on the percentage of disability and the compensation will be:

Disability (attributed/ aggravated due to condition of engagement):

  1. One-time ex-gratia Rs. 44/25/15 Lakhs based on % of disability (100/75/50) from Public Fund.
  2. (ii) Full pay for an unserved period of up to four years (with effect from the date of the disability) including the Seva Nidhi component (from the Public fund).
  3. (iii) Balance accumulated (as of date) in the individual’s Seva Nidhi fund including interest and Govt contribution from the Agniveer Corpus Fund.

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How to Compute the Extent of Disability?

S.No.Percentage of disability as finally acceptedPercentage of disability compensation
Between 20% and 49%50%


Between 50% and 75%75%


Between 76% and 100%100%

What is the Future of Agniveers?

Agniveers would be dedicated confident individuals after coming out of their term of service i.e. 4 years. These men/women would have acquired enhanced skill sets and would provide a high status in the society owing to their training, discipline and background. So the 75% of Agniveers can choose multiple occupations such as:

  1. They can choose job-oriented courses according to their interest.
  2. They can pursue a career in healthcare via Paramedical courses: These courses are job-oriented short-term courses that help the individual earn decent pay, the professional can opt for Degree courses such as B.Voc (in OTT and MLT) or can pursue Diploma courses in various programs. Check out the paramedical courses provided at Virohan.
  3. Agniveers can join PSUs, government agencies, paramilitary forces, and state governments as they have promised job preference to Agniveers who complete their four years of service in the Armed Forces.
  4. Agniveers can apply for enrolment in the regular cadre of IAF.

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