Specialised paramedical courses are becoming more popular with students. The Healthcare industry is improving in terms of quality, facilities, and technologies.


With this, there is a rising demand for skilled professionals. Paramedical courses can be a great option for those who want to start their career in the healthcare industry as these courses offer many benefits.

1. There are very limited options available for studying paramedical courses

There are many types of paramedical courses available, both online and offline. Paramedical courses can be taken by students who have difficulty attending school or college regularly because of personal reasons.

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2. Paramedical program is for students who can't get into medical school

This is a false assumption as many medical schools offer these courses to students for exploring careers in medicine.

3. Paramedical courses prepare students to be a doctor.

The truth is that you can only become a doctor by going to medical school and training as a physician. Paramedical courses do not give you this training, and they are not the same as medical school.

4. Students in paramedical courses have an easy time.

Just as with any other course, the amount of work required varies from one paramedical course to another. For example, some paramedical classes involve more reading than others while others are hands-on intensive.

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5. Paramedical education is a prerequisite for entering medical school.

While some schools require the use of such training to attain a degree, this is not true for all academic institutions.

6. Medical assistants and ward boys are paramedics.

People often assume that medical assistants and ward boys are also paramedics who don’t need supervision to perform certain medical duties. However, this is not true.

7. Paramedics can’t save lives.

Many people don’t realize that paramedics are trained to handle unusual situations and perform life-saving procedures on the spot.

8. Paramedics are doctors.

Paramedics do not specialize in diagnosing or treating patients like doctors do, but they focus on relieving and preventing suffering during emergencies.

9. Paramedical courses are meant only for doctors.

This is not true as non-medical students can also pursue paramedical courses after the 12th standard.

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10. Paramedics are always facing health hazards.

Paramedics are often considered to be at risk of contracting infections. However, this risk can be minimized given that proper safety guidelines are followed.

11. All paramedics have to work in hospitals.

False! Many paramedics work outside the health care industry, including with insurance companies, diagnostic laboratories, and so on.

12. Paramedics don't have any career growth.

It’s not true at all, because after completing their course, paramedics have many opportunities for career growth, they can become a nurse, physician assistants, or emergency medical technicians.

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13. Paramedical courses mean only becoming an ambulance driver.

This is not true. Students who pursue paramedical courses go on to have careers as medical technicians, occupational therapists, and more.

14. Paramedical courses are not popular.

It’s a common misconception. However, the healthcare industry in India offers thousands of job openings for Paramedical professionals every year and it is expected to rise even further.

15. All paramedical courses follow the same syllabus.

It is not exactly true as each course has its unique syllabus. The differences are based on the college you attend, which will affect your choice of courses and also your career options.

16. Paramedical courses pay poorly.

The high-quality training and experience paramedics receive can help them earn a decent salary in the long run.

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17. Paramedics can only help during emergencies.

While paramedics are often the first to arrive at an emergency and provide immediate medical attention, they can also take care of patients daily in non-emergency situations.

18. Both paramedics and EMTs are the same.

The roles of paramedics and EMTs differ in certain ways. For instance, paramedics can provide more advanced levels of care than EMTs.

19. The level of education for paramedics is very low.

It is not true. Becoming a paramedic can take anywhere from two to four years, and there are even universities offering degrees in paramedicine.

Final Words

Paramedical courses not only help you acquire qualifications that can help you get a job but also give you an insight into the technicalities of the field.


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