10 Things You Learned in Preschool That’ll Help You with MLT Course

10 Things You Learned in Preschool That’ll Help You with MLT Course

By Daksh kapoor on 5 Sep 2022
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Things you Learned in Preschool for MLT Course

Maintain Proper Hygiene

When you were in preschool you learned that it’s important to wash your hands before eating or after using the bathroom. These same rules apply when you become a medical lab tech because it’s important to keep the work environment free of germs and bacteria that can cause infections.

Listen and Follow Instructions

In preschool, chances are that you were given many instructions throughout the day, and you needed to follow those instructions because they kept you safe. The same is true when working as a medical lab tech because proper procedures must be followed during each test or process to ensure accurate results.

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Stay Organized

It is crucially important for the medical lab technician to able to maintain accurate records of all tests performed and results obtained so that they are available when required by doctors and other health care professionals. You don’t want to spend extra time searching for the item you need when you could be using it.

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Sharing is Caring

When you are working as a medical laboratory technician, you will often have to share equipment with others. Therefore, it pays to know how to share! Medical laboratory technicians don’t just share their crayons with everyone else in the class—they also share their knowledge about test results with the doctors who order them so that patients can get the right treatment.

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Things You Learned in Preschool which Help in MLT Courses

Social Skills

Learning how to interact with others is another important skill that you learn at preschool. You may not realize it at the time, but your socialization skills are being developed when you play with classmates and talk to your teachers. As a medical laboratory technician, having excellent social skills is important because clinical lab technicians work with other medical professionals (such as doctors, nurses, and other technicians), patients, and patients’ families every day.


Children in preschool are taught how to share their toys with others, which teaches them how to be good teammates. This is a very important skill, as medical laboratory technicians are important members of the health care team. They carry out a variety of tests that help physicians diagnose and treat patients. The complex nature of the work performed by technicians means that teamwork is very important for success.

The Importance of Routine

For a Medical Laboratory Technician, a routine is more important than it is for most people. You need to feel at home in your workplace, and be able to follow a fixed schedule that allows you to maintain the health care system’s high standards of quality and accuracy.

Follow the Rules

When dealing with chemicals, specimens, and other substances, you must avoid cross-contamination. In addition, you must understand the risks associated with handling biohazardous materials. While working as a Medical Lab Technician, one should observe safety protocols such as wearing protective clothing while working with chemicals or handling specimens that can transmit diseases.

Play Well with Other

You learned at a young age that it was important to play well with others. The same holds for being a medical lab technician! You will work closely with other technicians, doctors, nurses, and patients throughout your career, so you must be able to play well with others – even if they take all of the toys!

Colouring Within the Lines

Colouring within the lines might seem like something small and insignificant but it’s not. It requires basic motor skills and also teaches discipline and focus. A big part of the MLT course is learning how to differentiate between different substances and cells in lab tests. The colours of playdough and other art supplies are perfect for this kind of training because they give a visual representation of what happens in a real lab test.


As a medical laboratory technician, you get to play a vital role in the healthcare and diagnostic field. You’ll have the opportunity to use some of the most advanced medical equipment available and also have the chance to work alongside other health care professionals.

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