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Course Description:

India is home to about 70 million people with Diabetes Mellitus (DM) and is estimated to have the second highest number of cases of DM in the world after China in 2015. Of these, it remained undiagnosed in more than 36 million people. The prevalence of DM in India ranges from 5–17%, with higher levels found in urban areas. Not just Type I diabetes, Type II diabetes has started affecting people at a very young age. As per recent reports, the number of diabetes patients in the country is likely to go up to 120 million in next 20 years. Indians are also believed to have a greater degree of insulin resistance and a stronger genetic predisposition to diabetes.

Thus, India is on the verge of being the “DIABETIC CAPITAL” of the world. Diabetes mellitus has very high morbidity and mortality. More than 10 lakh Indians die due to diabetes every year.

If left undiagnosed and untreated, it can lead to severe life-threatening complications such as coronary artery disease, stroke, End-stage renal disease, diabetic neuropathy and diabetic retinopathy eventually causing blindness.

But, to cope up with such rapid escalation of DM cases, we do not have sufficient TRAINED specialists. Hence, the world needs more number of healthcare professionals. Against this background, a thorough understanding of the disease is a prerequisite to effective management of the disease.

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Key Features

  • Interactive Video Sessions by Renowned Specialists
  • Online Simulation Training for better Understanding
  • Content designed by Highly Experienced Faculties
  • Case-based learning modules
  • Hands-on clinical training
  • One-to-One Mentorship by an expert for any course related assistance.
  • Ease of Studying from Anywhere, Anytime

Course Content

Module 1 -

  • Introduction to Diabetes Mellitus

Module 2 -

  • Presentation, Initial Evaluation and Diagnosis

Module 3 -

  • Non-pharmacological management: Diet and lifestyle changes

Module 4 -

  • Pharmacotherapy for diabetes mellitus: Oral hypoglycaemics; Insulin therapy

Module 5 -

  • Microvascular complications of diabetes mellitus

Module 6 -

  • Macrovascular complications of diabetes mellitus

Module 7 -

  • Diabetes & special situations – I (perioperative, critically ill patient, elderly)

Module 8 -

  • Diabetes & special situations – II (Pregnancy, drug induced diabetes, endocrinopathies), multi-disciplinary approach to diabetes management, social and psychological issues

Module 9 -

  • Advances in diabetes management, blood glucose monitoring devices, pancreas and islet transplantation


What is the Duration of Course?

Fellowship programme is a 1 year course divided into 9 months theory and 3 months hospital training

What is the Eligibility Criteria?

All medical professionals, including

  • Doctors, including primary care physicians
  • Clinical practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Medical technicians

What is the Teaching Methodology?

The course deliverables include E-Books, Handouts, Pre-recorded video lectures, Images & Animations are provided, Online Simulation Training, Live Video Sessions.

What is the Examination pattern?

A module exam is conducted by the end of each module through MCQs. The final examination is through MCQs and a Viva.

Is this Course MCI Approved?

No, The MCI does not provide recognition to Online Short term courses since they have their set parameter. Having said that, all our courses will help you to gain better and in-depth knowledge about the specialization.

Do you provide Placements?

We do not guarantee the placement besides we provide our assistance to find out the suitable profile and lining up the interview.

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