World Mental Health Day Celebration

World Mental Health Day Celebration

By Nagpur Virohan Students Club on 21 Nov 2022
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On Oct 15th at 3:30pm to 6:00pm in the Virohan Institute of Health & Management Science, Nagpur Campus the auditorium hall was decorated with posters of Mental Health Day promoting the theme. Hence the program started with the entry of our honorable chief guest center CEO Mr. Anant sir and HFIC Dr. Poonam ma'am, FIC Snehal sir, and Prasenjit sir.
The objective of the program was to raise awareness about mental health around the world and to mobilize affordance in support of mental health.


Nagpur VSC Mental health day student presentation 1

Moving forward, we began with the ‘Winning Our Own Battles: Case study presentation’ competition. Because of the case study presentation, we got to learn a lot from the case studies presented by the participants. Each participant introduced different types of Medical and mental health-related cases from which we got to know different types of cases and awareness from them. Everyone was introduced to the new ideas of how the symptoms can be hidden or unknown to the person and how they still suffer from that along with suggestions to improve and deal with our mental health and keep it healthy.


Nagpur VSC Mental health day student presentation 2

The second event organized was ‘Unboxing perspective: The Speech competition’.  A bunch of students came up with their own stories which were surprising but on other hand inspiring for us that if they can deal with it everyone can. The students were listening with curiosity and patience like they wanted to know more and were very eager to learn. Both competitions were focused on the awareness of mental health and promoting health.

Nagpur VSC Mental health day student presentation 3

The VSC members shared some healthy tips and performed activities and presentations like personality tests, and testing the IQ level of students. The healthy tips were very useful to us like diet plans, meditation, self-care, etc. Every tip was somehow related to our daily life and how we can maintain mental health by taking care of our daily routine. The IQ test was very interesting and funny. Everyone really enjoyed it. It was a blend of creativity with brainstorming in an entertaining manner.

We heartily congratulate all the winners who were chosen for these competitions by our judges, Tanvi ma'am and Pranoti ma'am

Thereafter, we are moving forward with the final results as decided by our judges. From the Morning Batch, the winners are as follows, 
In the Speech competition winner was Saloni Sahare from ADMLT Sep”21, 1st runner-up was Sakshi from ADOTT Feb”22 and 2nd runner-up was Roshni Thakur from ADMLT Nov”21.
The Case study competition Winners were Sweta and Priyal from ADOTT Dec”21, 1st runner-ups were Rahul and Nuhi from ADMLT Sep”21, 2nd were Sakshi and Vividha from ADOTT Feb”22.

Nagpur VSC Mental health day student presentation 4

Winners from Evening Batch are as follows. 
In the Speech competition winner Mohi Mishra from B.Voc.OTT Sep”22 and Snehal Gurdekar from ADOTT oct”21, and 1st runner-up was Quyesar Shekhani from ADMIT Aug”21.
Case study presentation winners were Nikita and Harshala from ADOTT Oct ‘21, 1st runner-ups were Koyal and Anjali from ADMIT Aug”21, 2nd were Shrutika and Sakshi from ADMLT May”21.
Later certificates were distributed to all the winners of previous events held on 13th Aug i.e Fashion Show, Dance, Dish making, Skit competition by FIC Prasanjit sir.

At the end of the program, anchors gave the vote of thanks to HFIC, FICs, Judges, Facilitators, VSC Co-ordinates, VSC Members, and all students.

The Mental Health Awareness Event was a grand success, fulfilling its objective of spreading mental health awareness through its captivating events. The event was successfully coordinated by our hardworking VSC members and coordinators Anuradha Deshmukh, Pravada Meshram, and Shubhangi Nagdeve. We aim to conduct many more successful events under VSC with unique and innovative concepts in the future also.


Written by Anjali Keshkar and Koyal Patil (ADMIT Aug ‘21)