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Reasons Why Diploma in Healthcare is the Best Career Option

By Arushi Trivedi on 24 Aug 2022
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Reasons Why Diploma in Healthcare is the Best Career Option

Choosing to pursue a particular course is one of the most important decisions that you have to take in your life. It is a crucial and also a life-changing decision. It defines what your profession is going to be and what you will be doing for a living possibly for the rest of your life.

With that being said, you also have to consider the financial aspect of what you are choosing since different Diploma In Healthcare courses have varying fees.

Thus, it is peremptory that you take the decision while considering your interests. Keep in mind the good employability rates, demand, remuneration and growth factors while deciding the course.

In view of the above, aspirants considering an allied health profession can opt for a diploma, advanced diploma, or Bachelors in paramedical science programs.

A diploma course in any of the paramedical sciences could be the best, fastest and the most efficient way of beginning your fruitful career.

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Diploma Course in Medical Field

There are numerous courses that you could choose from such as

  • Diploma in Hospital Administration (DHA) 
  • Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (DMLT Course
  • Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology (DMIT) 
  • Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology (DOTT) and many more

Healthcare Diploma Roles

You can work as

  • Hospital front desk coordinator 
  • Medical laboratory phlebotomist  
  • Medical laboratory assistant 
  • Radiology technologist X-Ray technician  
  • Operating theatre technician.

These are a few among a vast sea of positions that you could acquire after your diploma in healthcare course.

Healthcare Diploma Benefits

Diploma programs in healthcare are the courses of choice for those:

  • who wish to spend less on their qualifications. 
  • who want to start earning a livelihood as soon as possible and 
  • who are looking for bright future prospects in their jobs.

The supporting aspects are discussed below in detail.



  • Healthcare is one of the rapidly growing sectors.  Healthcare courses have tremendous employability driven by better health awareness and lifestyle diseases. 
  • Today the advances in this field are dramatic. The demand for trained professionals is intensifying. The life expectancy of the population has increased because of new treatments and technological advancements. And more and more healthcare workers are needed for care and support. 
  • Thus, there’s a need for a robust workforce that is well trained and can meet the requirements of the mushrooming healthcare industry.

So you can be rest assured that there will always be a huge demand for your skills and experience.

Virohan institute of healthcare and management sciences contributes a fair share to the healthcare industry by producing scores of impeccably honed, well trained, ready for the job professionals every year.

Healthcare Diploma Salary

  • In healthcare, the better your skills the greater will be your salary.  
  • With experience, the skills are bound to be chiselled and honed.  
  • There will be a considerable increase in your remuneration based on your skills. 
  • Apart from this many healthcare facilities offer their employees health insurance, retirement packages and leave benefits too.

Job Growth and Professional Stability

  • After the completion of your certificate course or any diploma in the healthcare sector, it is easy to develop further skills in different areas of your profession to magnify your employability skills.  
  • You can opt for lateral entry into a Bachelor’s degree course and further studies, which will exponentially improve the avenues of your employability range.  
  • While you are working, you can earn and fully support yourself. Thus, you can decrease your financial burden. 
  • So, there is an endless scope for growth that keeps you in a dynamic state of learning and self-development.

Job Satisfaction

  • Your efforts are acknowledged and acclaimed by the patients, staff, doctors and administrators alike. 
  • This gives you a sense of accomplishment and keeps your morale high and motivated. 
  • The various courses in healthcare sciences or paramedical courses enable you to choose your area of interest.  
  • If working in a laboratory or operation theatre interests you, you can opt for a diploma in medical lab technology (DMLT) or OT Technician Diploma (DOTT) respectively.

Recession Proof Market

  • Historically, health care has been relatively immune to recessions.  
  • The need of the public for healthcare services will persist, even in economic struggles.

Jobs for All Experience Levels

  • After completing your diploma in the healthcare/medical sector you can directly join the workforce.  
  • There is a job for every experience level.  As a ‘fresh out of college’ beginner you will have enough theoretical knowledge and ample practical know-how to join a hospital under the supervision of a senior paramedical technologist. 
  • This acts as your stepping stone for a successful career as you learn to perform many complex procedures and operate complex machinery on the job. 
  • Even not having any experience initially won’t be a hurdle in procuring a job. 
  • It would rather help you gradually go up the ladder and gain experience. 
  • In entry-level healthcare jobs the earning and growth potential is better than in many fields and the higher your skills are, the higher your pay.

Small Duration of Course

  • The diploma in any healthcare or medical science is usually a one to two-year course. 
  • It is a low investment and rapid gain course. 
  • You can be up and running with your diploma and high demand skills. 
  • You can start earning in less than three years with greater job assurance.  
  • Also a scope for further career advancement while earning a commendable salary is always achievable.

Prestigious and Respected Profession

  • The work of a healthcare professional is a service to mankind. 
  • Zeal and devotion put in while working is bound to command respect.  
  • Apart from this a profession in healthcare is generally revered and held in high respect in the society.

Global Opportunities

  • The countries across the world, rich and poor alike, are striving for efficient healthcare to cater for the healthcare needs of their citizens. 
  • An allied healthcare worker has the world of opportunities if you have the requisite skill and a will strong enough to work and excel in any part of the world.

So, it won’t be wrong to say “sky’s the limit”

Financial Assistance

  • There is a lot of help available if you wish to pursue a course in healthcare and need financial assistance.  
  • The banks throughout India offer education loans with low-interest rates and long and flexible repayment windows.  
  • An education loan covers the basic course fee and other related expenses such as (college) accommodation, exams and other miscellaneous charges.  
  • To apply for a loan one must have secured admission into a college/institute recognised by a competent authority in India.  
  • The applicant must have completed his higher secondary level schooling.  
  • Some banks offer the loan even before one has secured admission into the university. 
  • The repayment starts when the course is completed.  
  • Some banks even provide a relaxation period of 6 months after securing a job or a year after the completion of studies for repayment. 
  • The repayment period is generally between 5 and 7 years but can be extended beyond that as well.

Virohan offers aid to the students in procuring financial assistance from numerous reputed banking institutions for all of the courses offered by the institute throughout the country.

Your Journey as a Healthcare Professionals

  • In the healthcare sector, you are the master of your professional journey. It is you who chooses how your journey as a healthcare professional is going to be.  
  • Your growth up through the ranks will be gradual and systematic. 
  • You might start as the technical assistant or a paramedical attendant.  
  • After working for a year or so you will be eligible to handle the responsibilities of a junior technician who works alongside the technologists.  
  • Few more years into the job you will be a senior technician having acquired the knowledge and skills over the years. 
  • You will be able to perform many complex procedures independently and can be entrusted with handling the department.  
  • Further down the journey you can become a senior technologist and thereby the department manager.  
  • Your salary will have gradual increments as will your responsibilities. 
  • Higher studies in your field of work will only expedite your journey up the hierarchy.

However, it all depends on your mettle.

All the above mentioned features can play a significant  role  in helping you weigh your interests  to choose a diploma course in healthcare.

So, there is basically nothing stopping you from becoming a paramedical science professional except your own will and proclivity, you are your only limit.

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