It is now widely recognized that health service delivery is a team effort involving both clinicians and non-clinicians.

OTT short for Operating Theatre Technician is a member of a multidisciplinary team in operation theatres who prepares and maintains an operation theatre, assists the anaesthetist and surgical team during the perioperative period, and provides support to patients in the recovery room. So, the OTT is responsible for various pre-, intra-, and post-surgery duties within a hospital.

Just the way a playback singer is out of the public eye in a melody, the OTT professionals are the unsung heroes of a successful surgery.

Why an Online Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology?

Online DOTT short for Diploma Course in Operation Theatre Technology is a short-term specialization online course of 7-month duration.

For all working professionals who are toiling for their career graphs to climb up after consistently working for years in a healthcare facility without any significant growth, opting for an online diploma program is a beneficial option. 

The lack of documentary proof for your services might be hurting your career growth and holding you back from opting for better job opportunities.

Advantages Of Online Diploma Course In OTT

An online DOTT course can reap the benefits for working OT technicians as it has many advantages.

  • This helps existing working professionals to upskill themselves. 
  • At the same time, online diploma courses in OTT earns an NSDC certification, which ameliorates job opportunities. 
  • It helps you as working technicians to learn and grow from the comfort of your homes or workplace.
  • You can easily learn concepts whenever and wherever you get a breathing spell.
  • The flexibility, convenience, effectiveness, and versatility of an online course makes it conducive and practical for all types of learners. 
  • As a working technician, your bustling work schedule may not allow you to attend regular classes in a set timetable. The flexibility offered through online classes allows such aspirants to get better job opportunities, job security, and even upgrade their pay scale.
  • The diploma holders, post the course completion, help the healthcare facility improve its efficiency and patient compliance.
Online Operation Theatre Technologists Course traning

Course Structure for Online OTT Diploma

The efficiency and effectiveness of any educational program largely depend on the curriculum design that is being followed. What one is expected to know is assumed to be learned during the course. The course design should hence, focus on what the diploma holder is expected to perform on the job. 

Some common core subjects that are included in the curriculum of DOTT by different institutes are:

  • Medical terminology, Medical law/ethics, Infection control
  • Anaesthesia and premedication
  • OT equipment
  • Central sterilization services procedures
  • Nursing care and management
  • Surgical techniques
  • Various body systems and common pathologies
  • Common drugs used in OT

Eligibility For Online OT Technician Diploma Course

An aspirant who has cleared class 12 from a recognized board is eligible for the Online Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology course.

With Virohan as their shortlisted choice, professionals need to present relevant proof of working in a healthcare facility for at least 6 months, for joining the online diploma course in operation theatre technology.

Why Virohan For Online Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology?

  • We are an NSDC affiliated institute.
  • Virohan has a placement partner network of over 650 organizations.
  • Our diploma in ot technician courses can be attended from an ergonomic environment without disturbing the personal responsibilities, current source of income, and work schedule of a fully engaged operating theatre technician.
  • We are pioneers in offering industry demand-driven training through blended learning pedagogy, bite-sized videos, real-time quizzes, and gamification.
  • Our courses help develop core technical knowledge, soft skills, and life skills in learners and prepare them better for real-world scenarios.
  • We offer 24*7 facilitator support for doubt resolution.
  • Weekly revision tests help students assess their progress.
  • We offer affordable and accessible courses operating on the fee-based model, offering financial linkages with instalment-based repayment plans. Students can avail the 0% EMI options. 
  • Our students learn using our “MyCareer App” which has a user-friendly interface, with a personalized dashboard for users to access their course, take quizzes and keep a track of their course progression.
  • Virohan Institute has seen an approximate 150 per cent increase in enrollments for the current financial year as compared with the year-ago session, as the online learning advantages are burgeoning in healthcare everyday necessities.

Online is the New Normal

The new normal in education is the increased use of online learning tools. The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered new ways of learning. All around the world, educational institutions are looking toward online learning platforms to continue with the process of educating learners.

The new normal now is a transformed concept of education with online learning at the core of this transformation. Virohan has been quick to adapt to this transformation, and with our online diploma programs, we are on a mission to ensure access to quality education for all aspiring paramedical professionals.

A diploma course in operation theatre technology is the best option for all those looking to establish a career in the healthcare sector.

FAQs For Online Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology

What is eligibility for online diploma in OTT?

Aspirants should have cleared class 12 from a recognized university/board. They need to present relevant placement proof of at least 6 months at the time of admission.

How can you apply for online OTT?

At Virohan admissions are carried out on a rolling basis as per the demand in the healthcare sector. Counsellors at our institute help you select the best course for a bright career.

Where can you work after online OTT?

You can work in hospitals, nursing homes, private and government healthcare facilities, caregiving NGO’s and even some educational institutions.

What is the salary after online OTT course?

The salary ranges from around Rs.20,000 to around Rs.40,000 as you gain experience in the field.

What are the benefits of an online diploma course in OTT?

1. Already working technicians can upskill themselves by pursuing this online diploma course. 
2. The OT technicians who have devoted years without a documentary poof can enrol in an online diploma course in OT Technician for better job prospects. 
3. The flexibility of timings in the online diploma course and the flexibility of attending it from the comfort of either home or workplace gives it an added advantage.


JACKLYNE JEMUTAI · September 30, 2021 at 3:59 pm

I am in Kenya,is it possible for me to study online?

    Team Virohan · October 1, 2021 at 3:48 pm

    Sorry for now, We are currently not running the course in Kenya.

Shankari · October 9, 2021 at 8:00 pm

Fee details for dott ?

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I am from India bihar how to join online course

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Ot course ditels

SHADAB · December 31, 2021 at 1:09 am

I have done Diploma in Operation Theatre Techniques. I want to do Online BSc. in Operation Theatre Technology course. Is it possible.
If it is possible then please furnish the details for enrolment.

Tirandas srihari · February 9, 2022 at 10:43 am

Ot technician course online

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