There are many pieces of laboratory equipment that are required for the smooth functioning of a lab.

We will discuss a few useful pieces used by laboratory technicians. These are the tools that help technicians to investigate the samples with safety and accuracy.

1. Microscope

This medical equipment are used to view very minute objects that are too small to be seen by an unaided eye. It produces enlarged images allowing the technicians a close view of minute structures.

It is used to observe different types of blood cells. The blood cells are counted and are categorised in case of abnormalities. 

It is also used to identify different types of microorganisms like bacteria and parasites that are too small to be seen with the human eye.  

It can check the presence of different types of crystals, white blood cells present in urine, indicating a bladder infection for example.

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2. Sahli Haemoglobinometer

This hospital medical equipment is used for haemoglobin estimation in a blood sample.  

The device has a hemoglobin tube, pipette, stirrer, a comparator and hydrochloric acid. The blood sample turns brown when added to the acid and the color of the solution is matched to the color of the comparator by adding distilled water. The final level of solution on scale gives the quantity of haemoglobin.

3. Haematology Analyzer

This medical lab equipment is used to count and identify blood cells with accuracy. It is used for white blood cell count, complete blood count, reticulocyte analysis and coagulation tests.

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4. Blood Gas Analyzer

It uses electrodes to determine the partial pressure of gases like carbon dioxide and oxygen in the blood. It can also determine concentrations of ions like sodium, potassium or chloride. It detects abnormal acid-base balance and even abnormal levels of oxygen or carbon dioxide exchange.

5. Urine Analysis Equipment

It is a device used to perform automatic urine testing. It can quantify the presence of glucose, red blood cells, bilirubin or proteins in the sample collected.

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medical laboratory equipment

6. DNA Analyzer

It can be used to conduct genetic fingerprinting and hence determine the characteristics of an individual’s DNA by sequencing the DNA and analyzing the fragments.

7. Autoclave

It is the most important equipment used to sterilize laboratory instruments and other materials. It kills the bacteria and spores resistant to boiling. It is used to decontaminate biological waste and labware.

8. Centrifuge

It separates components depending on the density. In laboratories, it is used for cell, virus, protein and whole blood components separation.

9. Differential Counter

It is microprocessor-controlled electronic equipment for accurate cell counts in a laboratory. It measures the number of red blood cells, types of white blood cells, and platelets in the blood sample. Following centrifugation, cells get removed and plasma-like supernatant remains.

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Other Pieces Of Equipment That Are Used In A Medical Laboratory.

There are numerous other pieces of equipment that are used in a medical laboratory. There is a wide range of laboratory equipment designed to serve a specific purpose, such as:

  • Microtome for sample preparation in order to observe them under a microscope.
  • Spirit lamp/ burners, hot plates as source of heat.
  • Funnels for guided pouring.
  • Pipettes, burettes, droppers to deliver a solution with measured concentration.
  • Petri dish to grow cultures of cells, viruses, bacteria etc.
  • Stands, racks, to hold test tubes upright.
  • Histology and cytology equipment and a setup for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for carrying out diagnostic tests in laboratories. 

Medical laboratory equipment is vital to perform most of the tests in the laboratories. A medical laboratory technician counts on these to provide the reports of investigations. These reports form the basis of the final diagnosis of the health condition of a patient by a physician/doctor.

It is important to always use the various instruments with care, precaution and standard mode of operation.

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