Diwali Celebrations at Meerut Virohan

Diwali Celebrations at Meerut Virohan

By Meerut Virohan Students Club on 28 Oct 2022
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It is the time to remove the darkness of ignorance within us and replace it with the light of hope and knowledge. The festival of lights came alive at Virohan Institute on 21st October 2022 when the whole institute wore a festive look.

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We learned so much about the festival like why is it celebrated, and what our scriptures and Vedas say about the procedure of celebrating the auspicious festival of light and how it brings prosperity & awareness into our lives. So the facilitators made two teams one for decorating our administrative office and another for the academic and reception area. While doing the activities in a group, we learned teamwork and the importance of working in a team. It is very essential for us to learn these skills as they will help us in our professional life.

There was a quiz competition conducted by our FIC on an online portal, which everyone enjoyed a lot thereby making us aware of different tools we can use for learning. The winner was given a prize. By making ‘Rangoli’, we obtained the colors of our lives, by lightning ‘Diya’ we got positivity in our thoughts, and in the end, we danced our hearts out, sang the melodious tunes, and captured the good memories in our phones. 

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After the celebration, we were given refreshments which all the facilitators & students enjoyed together. It was a memorable day as this festival of togetherness brings harmony and bonding between all of us by planting plants that give eco-friendly Diwali.

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- Saloni (DHA May’22), Sneha (DMLT Aug’22)

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