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About Medical Laboratory Technology Course

A medical lab technician (MLT) is a professional with specialized skills in medical laboratory sciences, a part of allied health sciences. These professionals are also known as paramedical healthcare personnel.

They aid in diagnosing, treating, and preventing disease by working in a lab setting where they interact with patients to collect their data, collect patient samples, conduct tests, record results and data, and also work as Phlebotomists.

One can join this allied healthcare workforce and serve the community after completing programs of varying durations:

  • Certificate course in medical laboratory technician – CMLT – is usually of 6 months duration.
  • The diploma program – DMLT – is of a 1-year duration.
  • Advanced diploma program in medical laboratory technology – ADMLT – is of 2 years duration. 
  • Bachelors in medical lab technology – BMLT – is of 3 years duration.

Most of the paramedical programs including certificate, diploma, and advanced diploma programs are offered at Virohan Institute of Health and Management Sciences.

MLT Student Issues

Why MLT?

A career in medical laboratory technology is one of the most challenging and satisfying careers. Salary and benefits, job growth and professional stability, and numerous job opportunities are some of the few advantages of joining the MLT course.

A decision to opt for this program will enable you to work in the area of science all day long, running tests, analyzing results, and more.

On the other hand, if you have always struggled with science and disliked the subject, you may want to consider a different career path. Choosing the right course after completing high school is a huge task, but an equally daunting job is to zero in on a good institute.

We all are aware that the practice of paramedicine has grown exponentially in terms of sophistication and expectations from the trained technicians as opposed to emphasizing only technical training in essential skills in the days gone by. Balancing the paradigm shift, incorporating new skills while ensuring that as a learner you absorb and understand each aspect of a program, is the need of the hour. 

Virohan has moved beyond just delivering content through traditional means by utilizing technology for up-to-the-minute delivery methods. 

At Virohan, we provide you with the new-age learning experience at our centers through future-ready classrooms and fully automated content delivery on the myCareer app. 

We are pioneers in offering industry demand-driven training through blended learning pedagogy, bite-sized videos, real-time quizzes, and gamification making learning fathomable.

This has helped Virohan to increase pass percentage to over 90% of students pan India and minimize drop-out rates to below 7% of students compared to an industry average of 35-40%.

Here are some common issues you may come face to face with during the span of the MLT course and ways to conquer these hurdles together.

Medical Lab Technician Interns

1. Compassion, communication skills, quick thinking, and physical fitness are few qualities you will have to constantly work on to become an MLT. A big part of communicating is developing your listening skills to understand what is required of you. Many institutes do not focus on this aspect, due to which even though the students are well versed in the technical skills, they may lack the required soft skills to crack interviews. 

Virohan emphasizes the development of language abilities and life skills in the students along with core technical skills, through blended learning supplemented with different activities.

2. In a professional course the independence and ownership that students get can at times be overwhelming. The cramming in undergraduate levels has to be replaced with understanding and self-thinking. At Virohan we help you sustain the sudden jump from cramming mindlessly to creatively gaining skills. Through various types of activities, we ensure better retention and active involvement of the students. Further, Virohan provides subject matter experts for 24*7 doubt resolution.  

3. Many students understand the technical concepts in theory, but are unable to apply that knowledge. The internship training period is an important period needed to consolidate the practical experience and theoretical knowledge of new learners. Students who would like to pursue a profession in laboratory technology need to understand their critical role as medical laboratory professionals in the health care system. 

They must realize that they will be required to perform their duties in the clinical laboratories and interact with other health care professionals. They must be competent, knowledgeable, and reliable.

Along with theoretical knowledge, Virohan provides internships with renowned healthcare facilities to make the students job-ready with the skill-set to handle real-life professional situations.

Virohan partners with GE Healthcare, Indian Medical Association, and 650+ hospitals to identify the specific training needs for paramedics and ensure the content is industry-relevant. All of Virohan’s offline courses include internships at healthcare facilities for hands-on practice of the skills acquired beyond technical know-how.

4. Many students are unable to carry on with their full-time courses as they may be facing family pressure to start working and earning. Students who are also working to sustain their families can enroll in an online program in medical laboratory technology, CMLT, and while earning can learn too. 

At Virohan specialization courses in MLT of different durations are available for already working professionals. 

5. The students also face financial issues like having to fund their own education instead of using their family savings. Many of them also drop out of the course due to financial issues. Issues like these have been ameliorated to some extent at Virohan. 

Students Image MLT

We strive to provide an empowering career path to low-income youth by helping them enhance their profiles by necessary skill-building along with providing sufficient placement support within the network. Virohan also has tie-ups with financing institutions to offer no-cost EMI options to the students to increase the accessibility and affordability of various programs.

Along with an informed decision to choose Lab Technician course as your ticket to start earning a livelihood, it is equally imperative and natural that you choose the best paramedical institute for your training in medical laboratory technology, where you acquire all the essential skills, and get the best learning opportunities to build a successful career in the healthcare industry.

Virohan Institute of Health and Management Sciences, an NSDC partner, offers a number of such paramedical programs including certificate, diploma, and advanced diploma programs. 

Here, the courses are taught to ensure the students gain an insight into how to deal with real-life situations.


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