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Course Description:

Everyone aims for a healthy, secure and a safer environment for their children and families. Helping victims in the event of accidents, mishaps or in the case of some accident during office hours or at home is a big responsibility. One must know the basics of administering first aid and this knowledge is gained by getting trained. Basic First Aid course will help all to develop knowledge, skills and the confidence to respond to the common injuries & medical emergencies.

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Course Content

  • Principle of Basic First Aid
  • Environmental Emergencies – Burns, Heat stroke, Hypothermia, Snake & Dog bite, Drowning, Electrocution
  • Trauma Emergencies -Spine injury and its management
  • Dressing, bandaging & splinting Techniques
  • Bleeding control, cuts and wounds, amputation, open abdominal and chest injuries & sprain/strain fractures & dislocations.
  • Medical Emergencies-Fainting, Seizure, Stroke, Chest Pain, Heart Attack Cardiac Arrest, Choking, Hypoglycemia, Severe allergic reaction, Asthma

Mode of Instruction

  • Audio-Visual
  • Demonstration & Presentation
  • Discussion & Interaction
  • Hands on training

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4 Hours


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