Covid -19 online course

The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) was identified in Wuhan, China in 2019. It belongs to a large family of viruses which is known to be the cause of diseases such as the common cold, Sever Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), and more.

About Course

This course will help you gain right information about the pandemic, understand the virus and the way it works, and keep yourself and your community safe. It will help you make informed decisions in the coming months if you travel, go to work, meet people and if you have to deal with symptoms.


Virohan is India's leading healthcare training company, focussed on skilling India's youth in paramedical and allied healthcare services in order to to enable them to have a progressive career in healthcare.
Virohan is a funded training partner of NSDC, a member of UNICEF YuWaah network, and a Yunus Social Business Investee. We work with organisations such as GE Healthcare and Indian Medical Association for our courses.

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Course details & Payment

COVID-19 - An Introduction to Basics, Prevention and Management

Duration: 150 minutes
Price: ₹ 149
Medium of Instruction
Hindi and English
Certificate provided?
Certificate of participation
Who is this course for?
  • Essential workers during COVID-19
  • Homemakers looking for measures to keep their homes and families safe
  • Community individuals looking for verified information on COVID-19
  • Corporate workers and HR management
  • COVID-19 : Introduction, epidemiology and clinical features
  • Whom to test for COVID-19
  • The usage of masks - what kind to wear, how to use and how to make your own mask
  • How to effectively quarantine at home
  • How to plan for essential supplies without hoarding
  • Mental health awareness during COVID-19
  • Taking care of children and eldery people during COVID-19
  • Sanitization of workplace during COVID-19
  • Guidelines for school administrators, staff and teachers
After completion of this course, you will be able to :
  • Differentiate between right and wrong information about COVID-19
  • Decide how to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus: at home and at work
  • Make masks at home and understand the right method to use it
  • Stay mentally and socially healthy during these times
  • Effectively parent your kids and ensure all measures for their safety

COVID-19 : Evaluation, Diagnosis and Management for Healthcare Professionals

Duration: 25 hours
Price: ₹ 999
Medium of Instruction
Hindi and English
Certificate provided?
Certificate of completion
Who is this course for?
  • Healthcare professionals and hospital workers
  • PHC Doctors, AYUSH Doctors, Dental Doctors
  • Nurses, MLTs, OTTs, Radiology Technicians, Critical Care Technicians, EMTs
  • Physiotherapists, Phlebotomist, Medical Interns
  • COVID-19 : Basics
  • COVID 19 : Evaluation and Diagnosis
  • Triaging and basic Management of COVID patients
  • Management of Covid patient based on clinical severity
  • COVID 19 : Role of NSAIDS, glucocorticoids and chloroquine
  • COVID 19 in pregnancy
  • Prevention of COVID in general public
  • Prevention of COVID in Healthcare professionals
  • Personal protective equipment in COVID
  • How to manage of shortage of PPE
  • Exposure risk in healthcare professionals
  • Potentially infective waste disposal
  • Mental health during COVID 19
  • COVID 19 : Government initiatives
After completion of this course, you will be able to :
  • Identify the cases of COVID-19
  • Identify the risk factors
  • Decide who should be evaluated and how
  • Manage different cases of COVID-19
  • Know how COVID-19 affects pregnant woman and how the child should be managed
  • Know how to prevent the spread in the general public areas as well as healthcare facilities
  • Know how to effectively use and dispose PPE
  • Manage PPE shortage, if any

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