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MLT Course

Medical Lab Technician

Medical Lab Technician: Course, Eligibility, Job & Salary

The full form of MLT is Medical Laboratory Technician. They constitute a group of professionals specialized in medical laboratory sciences.Read more...



9 Most Important Steps For Venipuncture

Venipuncture should be carried out keeping in mind the following important points.Read more...


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Professional Tips For Mastering The Art of Venipuncture

It is essential to follow the standard procedure for blood sample collection and venipuncture. Any errors can lead to faulty results.Read more...



5 Reasons to do Medical Lab Technician Course (MLT) After 12th

After 12th Class, you will have a world of opportunities, a handsome salary, assured job growth and much more.Read more...


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Most Useful Medical Equipment for Medical Lab Technicians

Medical equipment is used in a clinical setting for the diagnosis, treatment or repurposing following a disease or injury.Read more...



DMLT Course: Admission, Eligibility, Job and Salary After 12th

DMLT full form is “Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology“(DMLT) is a course in the field of paramedical science and the professionals who specialize in this field are called Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLTs).Read more...


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MLT Course: Expectations vs. Reality

You have decided to become a medical lab technician and you’ve chosen the school where you’re going to receive your training.Read more...


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Will MLT Course Ever Rule the World?

Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT) perform many of the clinical lab tests that physicians use to diagnose and treat disease.Read more...


10 Things You Learned in Preschool that will Help You with MLT Course.jpg

10 Things You Learned in Preschool That’ll Help You with MLT Course

Some of the things you can learn at preschool won’t necessarily come in handy in the medical lab but others will be useful.Read more...



7 Best Practices For MLT To Keep Medical Lab Disinfected

A safe laboratorian in safe laboratory can not be imagined without employing good disinfection practices.Read more...