Before 2019 there were cardiologists, technicians, surgeons, nurses, and so on, but today all of them have emerged as COVID-19 warriors.

COVID-19, short for Coronavirus Disease 2019 has had an unprecedented impact on the world at large leading to economic and social disruptions, and forcing millions into a state of near or total lockdown.

The healthcare workers have been central to this global pandemic response since COVID-19 first emerged in December 2019, to its evolution into a pandemic overnight, and continue to fight on the front lines for all of us even now.

  • Healthcare professional faced a constant fear of disease exposure, separation from family, social stigmatization, increased depression and anxiety levels with a rise in verbal harassment, discrimination, fatigue, and physical violence in wake of COVID-19.
  • It has become more crucial than ever to strengthen our healthcare framework so that we can keep up with such unprecedented demands even in future. 

All this has lead to redefining the role of frontline healthcare workers, who are our frontline warriors in every battle against an imperceptible enemy.

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Paramedics- Need of the hour

It is the paramedics who have a unique skill set across both emergency and primary care. 

Thus, redefining their roles can enable each paramedic to efficiently carry out their roles and responsibilities, in turn enhancing the overall effectiveness and responsiveness of the entire system.

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Role Of Frontline Healthcare Workers

The following responsibilities of a healthcare worker which may have not been in focus to date should now be reinforced, where today the doctors have taken a backseat and the paramedical staff is in the frontline.

  • Complete visitor restrictions would mean making the availability of food, daily necessities of the patient, etc. to be carried out by the healthcare staff. 
  • Taking utmost care of universal masking.
  • Facilitating quarantine of employees despite lack of sufficient workforce.
  • Ensuring the safety of physicians and other healthcare staff.
  • Adhering to hand hygiene after touching patients.
  • Taking care of infection control precautions.
  • Reporting pandemic influenza to the hospital and public health officials
  • Putting on, taking off, disposing of the PPE (personal protective equipment) properly.
  • Provide or reinforce accurate infection prevention and control and public health information to the individuals including to concerned people who have neither symptoms nor risk.
  • Ensuring effective and individualized communication.
  • Determining if the home environment is suitable for a patient with COVID-19
  • He/ she can also be a role model by getting vaccinated, protecting himself/ herself by adopting appropriate behaviour, and helping the patients and the public understand the benefits of vaccination.

India has been striving hard for decades to boost its healthcare system – be it having able and efficient doctors, supporting healthcare staff, or technicians. 

The global pandemic just brought to fore the limitations and the challenges we face.

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Stepping towards a better healthcare

Over the years, several advancements have been made and research is ongoing to design processes and services that provide medical assistance to patients at the earliest.

  • With the constantly growing demand for an efficient healthcare ecosystem in India, effectively training healthcare aspirants would be critical in elevating the entire society’s quality of life.
  • To further progress towards this goal, healthcare transformation will have to go beyond the adoption of digital health technologies alone. 
  • Continuous training and upskilling of healthcare workers alongwith improved infrastructure and connectivity are some of the additional key points that would ensure a better tomorrow for healthcare. 
  • Towards this united goal of strengthening our healthcare system, VIROHAN offers NSDC-certified diploma certificates for students to become lab and OT technicians and is accelerating course delivery for learners to meet the massive demand. 
  • As the nation ramped up with covid care centres, ICUs, and home ICU setups, there arose a massive need for nurses, phlebotomists for diagnostic labs, and paramedics. 
  • Fresher’s salaries as a result has seen a huge jump with post-covid care being specialized and in demand, and the hiring intentions have also increased manifold. 
  • From conducting diagnostic tests on people with covid-like symptoms to providing them with the required care and medicines at a low cost, physicians and paramedical staff are working non-stop. The healthcare workers have gone above and beyond their usual daily responsibilities to care for their patients in the time of crisis. 

The role of frontline Healthcare workers has gone above and beyond their usual daily responsibilities to care for their patients in a time of crisis. 

Paramedics have thus earned a broader recognition of the vital role they have been playing in battling the pandemic. 

Many new learners would be inspired to witness the dramatic advances in the field and the now ever-increasing demand. 

The need for a robust healthcare workforce that is well trained and could meet the requirements of the mushrooming healthcare industry thus cannot be brushed aside.

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Virohan and Healthcare

We at Virohan hope and believe that the upcoming generation of the workforce will be inspired to make an enormous difference to society by choosing a career in HEALTHCARE.

We surely need them and Virohan will guide and support them at every step of their career.


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