Choosing the right course after completing high school is a huge task, but an equally daunting job is to zero in on a good Institute.

The healthcare sector, especially in today’s times, will prove to be a judicious choice as it is a vast sector 

  • that comprises the provision of medical services.
  • the production and coordination of medical goods and services. 
  • It has become one of India’s largest sectors with the highest rate of growth. 

It is hence important for persons desirous of opting for a career in healthcare to choose their career path and the Institute wisely.

Take your steps towards a bright career keeping in mind a few points.

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How To Choose A Healthcare Training Institute?

Healthcare Training Institute is not just a mere mention on the diploma/certificate but also influences academics, social activities, and beyond. This should be hence counted as an investment rather than a cost for your career progression. 

A good institute helps enhance your job prospects by offering a good blend of learning, training, and acquiring soft skills like effective communication, a people-centred approach and good listening skills. 

Employers today look for health professionals with personal attributes like a people-centred approach, effective communication, and listening skills rather than just technical knowledge.

Here are 10 things that you should know before you zero in on an institute, to carve a successful career for yourself:

Careergrowth in healthcare

Accreditations And Affiliations

  • An institute should maintain a general standard of quality and basic requirements like laboratory, library, office, and classroom according to the norms given by the board or officially licensed organization. 
  • Following this, an affiliation certificate is issued to the institute. 
  • Affiliated Institutes are bound to follow all the directions, rules, and regulations of the board, which are communicated to them at the time of affiliation and from time to time as well.
  • Accreditation helps you assess if an institute meets the basic standards of quality and establishes the validity of the available study programs.  
  • The affiliated courses assure skill development and behavioural training of trainees. 
  • This information is readily provided on the websites of all institutes nowadays.

Virohan is funded training partner of National Skill Development Corporation a member of the UNICEF YuWaah cohort.

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  • It includes effective means of content delivery, based on student needs including the teaching styles, assessments, and even feedback.
  • Adopting and adapting EdTech has transformed how teaching is done and has increased the educator’s focus on pedagogy.
  • Pedagogy methodology should be 
    • Constructivist- which means there should be the active involvement of the learner in the learning process.
    • Collaborative- which means,  multiple learners, contribute and help each other to learn.
    • Inquiry-based- students are presented with real-world problems and have the opportunity to solve them while learning concepts.

Virohan has engineered the method of blended learning, which engages students with video-based teaching, gamified activities, and quizzes. This makes learning fun, engaging, and helps students remember the lessons better.


  • Internships give you the experience of being on job and prepare you for challenges.
  • They help you earn valuable knowledge and experience and discover opportunities for employment after completion. 
  • The hands-on work experience is invaluable as it makes you ready to handle more responsibilities with less training and stand-out to potential employers. 
  • Internships are unique opportunities where you can afford to take risks, embrace your mistakes, apply what you have learned safely and ultimately transform this into your strengths, and fortify your foundation as a professional. 

Thus, institutes offering internships should be weighed above the others.

Every course at Virohan comes with a mandatory internship for students to get hands-on experience of the work they will be doing after their course.

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Investigate Job connections/Placement Support

  • On completion of the course, the next important step is to get a job. There is no dearth of jobs in the healthcare sector but getting one through your chosen institute would just be the cherry on the cake.
  • The institute you vote to settle on, should have some placement partners or tie-ups with some hospitals or nursing homes etc., which proves to be an edge over other institutes.
  • These placements not only boost your confidence but also aid healthy retention, in turn, improving the institute’s reputation. 
  • These placements act as an entry to the corporate world to advance your career in a diverse sector that is full of opportunities in every segment.

Virohan has a placement partner network with over 450 hospitals, diagnostic centres and organizations.

Market linked curriculum

  • As you scroll through colleges, be sure to spend time exploring their course catalogues. Determine whether a college offers relevant courses of interest and survey that it has a strong curriculum that is market-driven and practically oriented.
  • The curriculum allows sequential learning, standardizing the goals for learning with constant updates and regular changes. 
  • It serves as an essential foundation of pedagogy and helps you stay on top of the latest in-demand skills.
  • In a world that is rapidly incorporating digital devices into everyday experiences it is integral you ensure that the institute you choose is also giving importance to Digital Literacy. 
  • These skills are required to make effective use of digital devices allowing students to engage, express, collaborate and use software applications, spreadsheets, databases and using the electronic health record (EHR)

Virohan at core is a demand-driven platform and keeps a close track of the latest trend/requirement in the industry and accordingly sets the curriculum.

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Fee structure and Financial Aids

  • Another important factor influencing your choice would be the financial aspects. They should be affordable and accessible. 
  • You should look beyond tuition and any other fees which apply. Other financial considerations like food, transportation, books, and other cost-of-living expenses should be calculated which might contribute to a much higher sticker price when developing a college application strategy.
  • If you know you will need help paying for your course, look for institutes that meet the need for providing financial aid.

Virohan also has tie-ups with financing institutions to offer no-cost EMI options to the students to increase accessibility and affordability.


  • Infrastructure plays a vital role in the development of an institute. It is pivotal that the institute in question has the requisite infrastructure in place to help the students learn, train, and innovate. 
  • It should be equipped with state of the art equipment and the latest technologies, classrooms, library, laboratories, education infrastructure – all are crucial elements of learning environments. 
  • There is strong evidence that high-quality infrastructure facilitates better instruction, improves student outcomes, and reduces dropout rates, among other benefits.

Virohan has training centres PAN India at Delhi (Kalkaji), Delhi (East of Kailash), Faridabad, Meerut, Nagpur, Raipur, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Mumbai (Thane),  Mumbai (Virar),  Mumbai (Dahisar),  Bangalore (Electronic City ), Bangalore (Peenya), Tichiya(TN)and Tellicherry (Kerala).

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Alumni network

  • The Alumni network is a type of ready-made support network with shared experiences from a common establishment. 
  • Alumni can build business connections, organize reunions, and serve as shining examples of the kind of people that the institution produces. 
  • As the alumni are pass outs from the institute they prove to be the most genuine supporters and the best sources to provide you with an insight into the institute. 

This can give you a better platform to narrow down your search for the best healthcare institute for you.

Faculty and their Engagement

  • A great teaching faculty acts as a magnet for good brains. Look over whether the faculty are engaged actively in bridging the gap between the demand in the healthcare category chosen by you and your skill development. 
  • Also try and check whether they emphasize on development of core technical skills, language abilities, life skills, and soft skills in the student.
    The faculty should be well informed, promoting continuous learning, an inspiring vision with transparency in thoughts and actions. 
  • It is unlikely for an approach with a focus on classroom-based learning alone to support professionals in the healthcare industry. 
  • A technology-driven, EdTech, approach that engages students with video-based teaching, gamified activities, mock interview sessions, and quizzes is the need of the hour. 

Faculty and academic quality can be the determining factor in your ultimate decision.

Classrooms at Virohan are run by facilitators who are available 24*7 for doubt resolutions.

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Soft Skill Development

  • For your successful performance as a healthcare professional, you are required to deliver an exceptional level of care and service to patients, while also being able to successfully collaborate with staff members. 
  • An institute can help you earn a degree/certificate but soft skills are less-obvious benefits of a college education that can be just as crucial. 
  • Developing your communication skills, becoming more efficient at time management, and changing your approach to overcoming challenges are just some of the important life lessons you learn in college that can’t be found in any textbook.
  • Apart from the specific technical requirements for positions in healthcare, including medical degrees and professional training, possessing exceptional soft skills like, 
    • Communication ability
    • Adaptability
    • Teamwork
    • Empathy
    • Patience
    • Time management can not be overlooked.


These are becoming core recruitment criteria for many healthcare positions, especially as patients are demanding a better level of service due to the rising cost of healthcare services.

An institute focusing on the comprehensive development of learners by interaction through reorganizing and transmitting advanced knowledge no matter what course of study you choose, should earn an added advantage.

Choosing a healthcare training institute is a massive undertaking with lots of different factors to consider. You should give the process enough time and thoughtful consideration. 

These factors considered carefully as well as some of your own, will eventually navigate your way through the process.

Start general and, as you learn more about yourself it will be easier to get more and more specific. 

In the end, what started as numerous options will be narrowed down to just a few, and you will find a great healthcare institute for yourself. 

All the very best for your bright future!!


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